Name: Emily F.

Year: Sophomore

Major: Advertising


Rather than the usual earthy, fall tones, Emily puts a pastel twist on a popular autumn trend.

What inspired your outfit today? I actually think I saw you wearing a white button up top last week and I had one but never really wore it in a casual outfit. I wanted to wear a sweater over it to make a more formal top seem casual so I just used a quarter-sleeved cardigan that fit right over it.

How do you reflect your personality in your style? I think I reflect myself in my style based on the look that I want to have, which changes from day to day. I like wearing neutral pieces that can be used in multiple outfits. I think that my style reflects that comfort is a priority because I hardly ever wear heels or shoes that are a pain to walk in!


Emily’s cardigan was a steal from Goodwill, and complements her white oxford shirt nicely.

What are some rules you follow when you go shopping? Some rules I follow when I shop are prices and how much something can be used. I won’t spend a lot of money on a shirt or a pair of shoes that won’t match the majority of my wardrobe. I also make sure to try most things on, especially if it’s over 20 dollars or so. I always go through the process of considering if I really need it or if it’s realistic. If I buy something that’s not, then I often feel buyer’s remorse.


Riding boots are always a relevant fall trend, but personalizing them keeps your style fresh and unique.

Who do you dress for? I dress mostly for myself. If I’m wearing something that I don’t think looks good or that doesn’t feel comfortable, I won’t feel as confident that day. Sometimes I dress to impress others, like for a presentation or a date, but for the most part I dress to impress myself.


Emily’s fishtail braid, Rue21 earrings, and necklace from The Wardrobe elegantly pull her outfit together.

Words and photos by Melissa Epifano

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