Names: Stefan R., Shae W., and Sarah C.

Years: Sophomores

Majors: Stefan studies Music Technology with a Psychology minor, Shae studies Music Education, Sarah studies Psychology with a Dance minor

IMG_7480From left to right: Stefan, Shae, Sarah.

What inspires the way you dress? Is there a method to the madness of how you pick out an outfit for each day?
Stefan: I like to wear things that I think are fun or whimsical, or just plain look good. I usually throw on whatever is the most convenient and isn’t too ridiculous. Black jeans go with anything so that makes things easy.
Shae: The man, the myth, the legend… Nick Lee. For real though, I get inspiration from the people I grew up with back home in Bellingham, Washington. The local style up there is very dynamic. It takes equal parts inspiration from the in-crowd of Seattle and the hiking, running, climbing junkies that populate a lot of the small towns in the upper Pacific Northwest. Clothes that you could wear to both school and on a hike to your favorite beach, lookout, or lost lake. Since coming to the UO, I have also found myself being influenced more and more by musical artists I listen to like Learning Team, HOMESHAKE, Chastity Belt, and WU LYF.
Sarah: I gather a lot of outfit inspiration from my friends, but I also look to art for pattern and color combinations. I’m really drawn to simple line-drawings and minimalist-style artwork and I, therefore, gravitate towards stripes and monochromatic clothes and outfits in general. Usually when I pick out an outfit I try to dress for comfort. I basically live in black jeans, which is great because they are super stretchy, and on top, I generally stick to simple t-shirts and warm sweaters, most of which I’ve stolen from my boyfriend’s closet.


Do you stick around with fashion trends or like to make your own? Or both?
Stefan: I don’t know. I like to think that there are things that are unique to just me, but in the internet age, you are never the first one to do something. But I’m also heavily influenced by people I look up to.
Shae: In terms of following trends, I think it’s almost impossible to not be influenced at all by what others around you wear. So I believe it’s inevitable for me to follow trends just a little bit, but at the same time, I’m also poor as dirt, so buying brand-new clothes isn’t really my jam.
Sarah: I can’t say I really dress for trends; however, a lot of the stuff I’m drawn to is pretty universal and is, therefore, “on trend.” I think when it comes down to clothes, I find what I like and wear it, especially if it’s comfortable. Sometimes what I like happens to overlap with what’s on trend, like stripes or crop-tops, but I rarely think about trends as inspiration for my outfits.

IMG_7612Stefan and Shae sport the classic design of low cut Vans – Stefan’s with a subtle, washed-out Paisley design and Shae’s in light grey. Sarah sports her Doc Martens with the cutest owl socks I’ve ever seen in my life.

How would you describe your own aesthetic?
Stefan: People always want to say hipster, but it’s really just what I like and I think best suits me. For me, whatever I am wearing always sort of feels like a ransom note made out of magazine cutouts.
Shae: What your dad wore when he was slacking his way through college at 19 and still secretly wants to wear, but now mom says he has kids and has to be mature and act like an adult or some shit.
Sarah: I think my initial aesthetic, at least for the current weather, is if Los Angeles were to get cold.

How would you describe each other’s aesthetics?
Stefan: Shae always has a fancy or dad-like edge. Sarah is like a trendy French girl.
Shae: Stefan dresses like your friend’s goober Dad who teaches critical thinking at the local university. Sarah is more like those fashionable French girls you see in all those black and white photos next to your mom when she spent a year in Toulouse “finding herself.”
Sarah: We joke about this a lot – Stefan and Shae dress like dads. Shae is more of a 90s dad and Stefan is more of a modern, outdoorsy dad, but regardless, they both have a very dad aesthetic.


Sarah and Shae’s stunning body art.

Speaking of aesthetics, I love the design of both of your arm tattoos. What’s the story behind them?
: I have a few tattoos. A couple of them are stick and pokes and two of them I got done in a shop in LA. My first tattoo was the rose on my side, which I had thought up a long time ago and is for my dad. Like I said, I really like simple sketches and drawings, which is also the same style as a lot of my own artwork. When I drew it, I knew I didn’t want any serious shading or realistic detail, which is why I used more of a line/dot style to create the rose. The tattoo on my wrist is a cat’s cradle, which was a game I played with friends all the time as a kid, but is also for the Kurt Vonnegut novel by the same title.
Shae: I got my tattoo back home. I took some pictures around my house of some trees for inspiration and then drew a sketch of what I wanted on a piece of paper. The guy just traced it on my arm from there. I went to the place that had the best rating on Yelp. It’s just a reminder to never forget where I’m from. I grew up with a huge backyard and my family owned 5 acres of an old growth forest that was a part of a larger forest of undeveloped government land. As a little kid, that was my playground. Then, the FIDLAR tattoo was for purely aesthetic purposes. That, and I was really bored. Sarah did it for me in my dorm room. She’s going to give me another one soon. It’s super dumb, but that was kinda the point.
Stefan: I was the official rag boy for Shae’s FIDLAR tattoo.

IMG_7652Shae mentions, “Got my shirt at the Value Village in Springfield. Same with my belt. The jean jacket, I stole out of my mom’s closet this summer. I’m pretty sure she has owned this thing since before I was born. To be technical, the jacket is from the Gap. Probably bought sometime before 1990.”

If one song could be the soundtrack of your composure and style, what would your song be?
Stefan: “Guuurl” by Lapalux.
Shae: “Cool Slut” by Chastity Belt.
Sarah: This question has puzzled me the most, but I think I’d have to go with “When the Sun Hits” by Slowdive. It’s a really mellow song with a lot of depth. I don’t think my style is as great as that song, but I definitely can draw some parallels.

What are some of your favorite clothing items to wear?
Stefan: I have a lot of button-ups that even the weirdest dad wouldn’t wear. Also, big comfy shirts.
Shae: Sweaters, wing-tip shoes, button-ups, Smartwool socks.
Sarah: I think my favorite items to wear are black jeans and anything out of my boyfriend’s wardrobe.

IMG_7744Stefan’s t-shirt graphic under his green and purple hoodie.

Have you noticed any differences with the way you dress since you started college? 
Stefan: The only thing that has changed about the way I dress is black jeans… so easy, and they go with almost anything. All you need is one pair.
Shae: No doubt.
Sarah: I think the biggest differences between my style before college and my style since being in Oregon for a year is that I wear a lot more layers! Being from LA makes you really unaware of cold and rainy weather, so I think I’ve accumulated a lot more jackets and sweaters since being here than anything else.

Do the three of you try to match with each other sometimes? Have you inspired each other on what to wear?
Sarah: I don’t think we ever try to match, but I think our styles go together nicely. The boys have definitely inspired my style a bit, especially because they pull off their aesthetics so well. They both have such great shirts and they each have such a unique style of wearing them, so I definitely take inspiration from that. We did do a group Halloween costume this year, but I’d say that’s the closest to purposely coordinating our styles or outfits as we’ve come.

Have the three of you ever shopped together? Are there any stories or experiences about that?
Shae: Stefan and I shop together sometimes. We like a lot of the same stores.
Sarah: I don’t think we’ve actually all been shopping together at the same time, but I’ve gone shopping with each of the boys individually. Generally, we go to thrift stores, a favorite of mine is St. Vinnie’s in downtown, but I think I’ve been to Goodwill with them the most.


Out of the three of you, who would you say is most fashionable? Trendiest? 
Stefan: I don’t know. Definitely not me. Sarah and Shae are probably tied.
Shae: Sarah, in a good way though. Then, me. Then, Stefan.
Sarah: This is a tough question because our styles are all pretty different. I think Shae is probably the most on trend, but I can’t say any one of us is the most fashionable because I really like all of our styles and can’t really compare them to reach other because of their differences.

If you could swap closets with anyone for a week, who would you swap closets with?
Stefan: Caden Bohn.
Shae: Caden Bohn. He’s so next level.
Sarah: I would swap closets with Rachel from FRIENDS, between season 1 through 3. She has so many wonderful Levi’s and I’ve been trying to find a pair for a long time, so it would be really nice to have all of those at my disposal for a while.

Do you have any concluding commentary? About fashion or your friendship, or anything, really? 
Sarah: All I have to say is that though those boys are very stylish, they’re even better friends and I don’t know what I’d do without them!

IMG_7767IMG_7665IMG_7588Words and photos by Miranda Sarah Einy, @MIRANDWA

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