Name: Clare T.

Year: Junior

Major: Advertising

Clare’s outfit is inspired by cool, trendy, street style pieces.

What inspires you to be stylish? I just like dress-up and I think it’s a great way to show how I’m feeling and present myself.

Clare’s simple accessories are a pretty pairing with her edgier outfit.

Where are your favorite places to shop? There’s some Taiwanese and Chinese websites that I like shopping from. But my favorite place to shop here and in Seattle, Washington is Zara. I also think Urban Outfitters, Madewell, and Stacey Crowe are great places to shop too.

IMG_9636Clare’s Dr. Martens boots are a punchy addition to her fall ensemble.

How would you describe your style? That’s really hard… I don’t think I can find a word to describe my style. Sometimes it all just really depends on my mood. Some days I prefer a “cooler” style while other days I just prefer a more girly look. It just totally depends how I’m feeling.

IMG_9643Clare’s outfit embodies several autumn trends including plaid and booties.

Why is fashion important in your opinion? I think it’s really important, because when you meet a stranger, before you talk to them, you don’t really know anything about them. And then you look at them, you get your first impression, and this all comes from the way people dress up and how they look.


Words and Photos by Melissa Epifano

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