Name: Rony H.

Year: Junior

Major: Journalism


Where do you enjoying shopping for clothes? Sometimes Forever 21, other times H&M and sometimes from China.


Why do you think fashion is important? I feel like being stylish is important to me because every day I wake up thinking about what to wear that day and it’s what I feel passionate about. It’s worth it for me.


How would you describe your style? I would have to say my style is “Korean style.” Korean style is the most popular style in Asia and many Asians buy clothing from South Korea. Korean dramas affect Asian culture largely, so sometimes when we watch these dramas we will go with outfits similar to the characters’ styles.


What do you think is the biggest difference between style from Asia and here? I would say the biggest difference is American style is more athletic. Also Chinese style focuses more on the details and accessories. American style is more classic and Korean style is into things that are new and different. It’s more minimalist design.


How did you get involved in fashion? My relatives run clothing stores in China, and my whole family loves fashion. That’s why I care so much about fashion, being stylish and enjoy getting dressed up.


Words and Photos by Melissa Epifano

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