Name: Amanda C.

Year: Sophomore

Major: Psychology

Minor: Spanish

IMG_8096Amanda’s skirt, top, and shoes are from Goodwill. Her tights are from Nordstrom and her knee-highs are from Forever 21.

Where are you from? Is there any aspect to where you’re from that inspires how you dress? I’m from Portland, Oregon. I believe where I grew up influenced a lot of my clothing decisions. Portland is a city known for being trendy and very 90s and a lot of the fashion reflects that. For example, I can’t think of a single person at my high school who didn’t own a pair of clogs.

Do you enjoy putting outfits together or take pride in the style you wear? I do! I take pride in the confidence I feel when I’m wearing something cute. I don’t necessarily enjoy putting outfits together, but I enjoy the feeling I get when I put a little extra effort into the way I look.

IMG_8217When asked about her eye-catching necklace, Amanda mentioned, “My mom got it for me from Brazil! I think it’s a tourmaline crystal.”

How would you describe your aesthetic? Anything I don’t have to wear a bra for.

If there was a song or painting or artist that described your beauty, what song or painting or artist would that be? Early Britney Spears is a look I would like to achieve. Hit Me Baby One More Time, Oops I Did It Again, Toxic – all prime.


Do you have a favorite store or favorite article of clothing? Goodwill is my favorite store! The prices are amazing, you can find such a variety of things. Especially the Goodwill bins, they weigh your clothes by the pound so you can pay about 25 cents for a skirt. Like the one I am wearing in the pictures, I got from the bins!

If you were a cartoon character, what would be your one outfit throughout the whole series? Black knee-highs with a denim skirt or a black dress with black knee-highs. I would be the grownups in the Powerpuff Girls where you can only see the bottom half so my black knee-highs would be on display.


Your clogs are a timeless choice! What attracts you to wearing them? They are just so comfy and they go with so many things! I even wore them to winter formal senior year.

Do you think there’s a definition to fashion? How would you define it? I think fashion can be described in the way in which people express themselves. Clothes make a statement to others or to yourself and that statement can lead to a definition, but I don’t believe there is one universal definition for fashion.

IMG_8085The sun came out during this nearly 35º day and Amanda was basking in it, showing off her style. This shoot could’ve been in a fall/winter lookbook… or for a modeling company.

Do you think the University of Oregon embodies unique style? I love the fashion I see walking through campus each day. Everyday I see someone wearing something that I would love to have for myself. Nothing I see people wear is unique to me, but the way they wear it is unique.

Have you changed up your style since being in college? I don’t think my style has changed since going to college, but my attitude towards clothes and the way I wear clothes have definitely changed. I actually put more thought into the clothes I wear every day and am more confident in what I wear, but my overall style of the clothes I choose to wear is similar to what I would wear or like before college.

Do you have any concluding remarks? I have a Lauryn Hill quote – “What was freely given to me, I freely give.”

IMG_8151Words and photos by Miranda Sarah Einy, @MIRANDWA

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