Name: Lux H.

Year: Sophomore

Major: Currently undeclared, but interested in Environmental Science

Lux’s jacket and flannel are from thrift stores. His hoodie is Volcom, his jeans are from Urban Outfitters and the t-shirt is from his mom’s closet. “The belt was also my mom’s, but she doesn’t miss it. Though, she was using it to hold up a shelf, but don’t worry, I fixed the shelf!”

How would you describe your aesthetic? I would describe my aesthetic as Canadian 12-Year-Old From 1994 on some days and more Bobby Briggs From Twin Peaks on other days. It really depends, but generally, I think Cool 90s Boy is fitting.

What inspires the way that you dress? I would say my jewelry is inspired by Stevie Nicks mostly, and my clothing is inspired by whatever will be warm and cozy.

“I got my silver whale necklace when I was visiting my cousins in Petaluma. I added the turquoise ring later, it was my ring when I was a baby. The jade necklace was a gift from my mom.”

When thinking about layering articles of clothing, what’s the method to your madness? How do you pick your layering components? First and foremost, I like to be warm. Lately, the flannel-over-hoodie look has been pretty standard for me. I love to layer because it’s functional and fun. I usually try to pick things that complement each other, then I add something else for pizzazz.

Was there a turning point in your life when fashion became essential to you? If so, when was it and what triggered it? I don’t know. I’ve always been pretty relaxed when it comes to fashion. I think my turning point might have been in 3rd grade when I decided to stop wearing zip-off pants.


I see you have a tattoo on your wrist! Is there anything you don’t mind telling me about it? I do! The one on my wrist I did myself. It says “O, Nuit!” which means “O, Night!” in French. I heard it in a piece of choral music that was in a film and really liked it. I also have a tattoo of the moon on my left side. I like the moon a lot – like, a lot a lot – so I decided why not have it on me wherever I go. Then, I have a tattoo of a bull skull on my right side. I’ve always just liked it. I’m a Taurus so it’s kind of a self portrait, I guess. I sketched out the ideas myself.

10Lux sports a beanie from the brand 686.

Do you have a favorite brand? If so, why is it your favorite? I have to say my favorite brand is Levi’s. I love jeans more than I love a lot of things. Also, you can wear a pair of Levi’s so many ways. They’re classic and durable.

If you could own your own fashion brand, what would the style mainly consist of? What would you name it? If I had a fashion brand, it would be a lot of jackets, button-down shirts, jeans, and t-shirts. It’s pretty much all I wear, so it’s what I know. I would probably call it something ridiculous, like Spider Ghost or Rat King, honestly.

Lux’s blue earring comes from a gift shop in Tucson, Arizona and the two silver earrings are from the on-campus street fair that visited earlier this fall term.

If one song could describe your overall look, what song would that be? I want to say that my style in a song is “Under Control” by The Strokes, but I don’t know if I’m that cool yet. Maybe one day.

Do you have an article of clothing that you can’t leave your home without? Well, it’s not really clothing, but I’m literally always wearing my whale necklace and at least one pair of earrings.

“My socks are from STANCE, I got them on sale, which I was stoked about and my sneakers are Adidas Sambas,” Lux mentions.

How do you see yourself dressing in 10 years from now? In 10 years, I’ll probably be dressing similar to how I’m dressing now, to be honest. I don’t know what the trends will be then, but I’ll probably still dig being warm and cozy above all else. Maybe I’ll be wearing some Acne Studios or YSL, that would be rad. If I wear YSL, I’d probably have a pretty lucrative job, that would be very nice.

9Words and photos by Miranda Sarah Einy, @MIRANDWA

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