Name: Jenna S.

Year: Junior

Major: Economics with a music minor

Hometown: Chino Hills, CA

Jenna Collage

Jenna layers a shorter-sleeved sweater from Forever 21 with another sweater from Urban Outfitters creating a unique effect. 

How would you describe your style? Comfortable. I guess I’m half edgy, half boho– if that’s even a thing.


Her scarf is from Urban Outfitters as well.

How did that style aesthetic develop? Well, in high school I wore a lot of black and people were like, “Oh my god, you look really intimidating all the time.” I don’t want to be intimidating; I’m a pretty nice person I think. So I softened it up even though I still wear a lot of black.


Jenna scored some expensive looking rain-boots from Old Navy

Is that something you decided to do when you entered college? Yeah, I think coming from Southern California to the Pacific Northwest changed my style a lot. I didn’t know what the  North Face or Patagonia were before I moved here.  So, now I wear thick sweaters, beanies, and scarves where as before it was just t-shirts, jeans, and shorts.


Her hat is from the brand Dravus, a menswear brand.

Words and Photos by Elinor Manoogian-O’Dell, @ElinormODell


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