Name: Eric M.

Year: Senior

Major: Public Relations

Hometown: Eugene, Oregon

What inspired your outfit today? Kind of the weather. Kind of just how I’m feeling. I would say my outfit today is a little PNW, a little bit sleek. I wore the black underneath because this (the vest) is definitely more vibrant.

Having grown up in Eugene, are you influenced by Northwest fashion? You kind of have to work with it. Northwest fashion really reflects the weather, and it’s a lot more functional I think. So it’s hard not to rely on that. But I would say most of my fashion comes from the outside.DSC_7005

Eric looks sleek with Levi’s black jeans and a long sleeve black shirt from Zara. His colorful vest was thrifted.

Has your style changed over time? I would say it has definitely evolved as I’ve gotten older just because I think growing up in Eugene or just growing up, there’s a lot of pressure to wear what everybody else is wearing. I think growing confidence and my own personal style and rolling with it is part of what my style has turned into.

Why did you decide to study journalism? I’m really interested in fashion, and I want to do the journalism side of things for that.

Do you have a fashion dream job? Carrie Bradshaw’s life. No (laughs). So probably just working for a fashion magazine or a fashion/entertainment public relations agency.


His classic desert shoes are from Cole Haan.

Are there any fashion magazines or blogs you like right now? I definitely follow Vogue on social media, and they post a lot of “of the moment” stuff, which I like. I also follow a couple of menswear bloggers.

Which menswear bloggers? It’s Adam Gallagher and Justin Livingston. It’s a lot more limited than women’s fashion.

How would you describe your style? I would say it’s kind of eclectic. I kind of wear what I’m feeling or what I like, probably sleek, chic and anything in-between.

What have you been up to recently? I’m actually starting a fashion blog. I’m still working on it. I’m working on my own blog, which everybody has, but it will feature stuff that I like, both for women’s and men’s styling. I’ll be on social media, and I’ll be doing skin and hair and upkeep on Youtube.


This functional yet stylish backpack is from Heritage Dry Goods in Eugene.

Are there any trends you have been following lately? Fringe. So I’ve been looking at fringe pieces for Coachella. I’m getting ready to write a piece about Coachella fashion. Just like fringe coats, fringe bags, fringe skirts.

What do you like about fringe? It’s just fun. It’s kind of historical. It looks good, and it especially looks good when you pair it with something contemporary.

Festival style is interesting because it has been sort of controversial because some say it takes away from the music. I think both are good. I think it offers an experience and I think it also offers music. I think if you’re able to enjoy any piece of that, then it’s for you.


Words and Photos by Hannah Steinkopf-Frank, @HSTEINKOPFFRANK



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