Name: Taylor H.

Year: Junior

Major: General Social Sciences

Hometown: San Diego, California


Taylor masters a layered look to start off a cold and wet winter term. Her jacket is from a thrift store in San Diego, her stripped shirt is Tobi and her leggings are Patagonia.

Do you think people assume general social sciences is your major when they first meet you? It’s definitely more of a surprise. I think when they get to know me, because school is really important to me, it’s not as surprising. But I think if you were just to see me walking on the street, it doesn’t really look like I would be the type of person to necessarily study that.

How would you describe your personal style? Really laid back and whatever I feel like throwing on that day. I guess I’ve kind of tried paring up a bunch of stripes and basics just to make it super easy so I don’t have to really think too much about what I’m wearing.


Taylor rocks her dad’s flannel from 40 years ago and a scarf of her mom’s that she bought in Switzerland. Her grey sweater is from Brandy Melville.

Do you wear a lot of your parents’ clothes? Oh my god you have no idea. My parents actually went to school here… They kept all of their stuff from when they were in their 20s. I just grabbed this (shirt) during winter break, and I was like, “Dad, sorry, I’m taking it.” I took a few of his sweatshirts. I have one of my mom’s right before she was married. So it’s actually really funny.

What was their style like? My mom was a little hippie child. My dad kind of was too with the big patterned sweaters.

How did your parents meet? They met a few times at the University of Oregon. They actually started dating much later when they crossed paths again when  my mom was around 28 and my dad around 30. My dad left a note on her car and asked her out.


These trendy chelsea boots are Dr Martens.

Did you want to go to the University of Oregon because of them? Yeah. I wanted to go here since I was in third grade, so I just did it.

Was it the only school you applied to? Yeah. I did a year of community college in San Diego. I graduated at 16 actually.

That’s so courageous. At 16, you’re learning how to drive and graduating high school. Yeah my friends were teaching me how to drive. They were like, “Taylor, we have been driving for two or three years now. Come on now. Figure it out.”


 Taylor’s Scorpio tattoo.

What’s the tattoo behind behind your ear? It’s my Scorpio sign.

Do you identify strongly with being a Scorpio? Oh yeah. It’s crazy.

In what ways? I’m really independent and level-headed, and I also don’t take shit from people. If you screw me over, I’m going to be like, “I can’t. You’re done to me,” which is something that is really strong with the Scorpio sign.


This tattoo represents Taylor and her two sisters. She likes the design because it’s so simple. “A lot of people don’t really know what it is, but that’s kind of why I like.”

Do you think a lot about your appearance or is it something that is just a side thought?Totally both because sometimes, if I want to think about it, I will, but it’s definitely not the first thing that comes to my head every day.

Do you feel pressure to be that way? No not at all. It’s just something that I’ve always enjoyed. It’s something that I’ve almost thought of pursing too if I really wanted to. So it’s not necessarily done in a superficial way. It’s just something that generally interests me.

What interests you about it? I just think there is so much diversity in how people try to present themselves. I take different ideas from different people that I see walking on the street just because I think it’s so interesting. There are people who obviously dress really similarly, but there are also people who have their own style, and the people who do dress similarly, they still have their own little thing that they bring to it.






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