Name: Sydney P.

Year: Junior

Major: Business with a Sports Marketing concentration

Minor: Spanish

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Sydney’s shirt and jacket are both from Old Navy. Her pants are from Forever 21 and her shoes are from the Birkenstock store in Berlin.

How would you describe your aesthetic? My aesthetic is definitely comfortable with an attempt at being cute. I will never wear something that I don’t feel totally comfortable in because if I don’t believe in what I’m wearing then nobody else will either.

If you had one motto/catch-phrase for how you dress, what would your motto/catch-phrase be? Okay, it’s not really a motto, but it’s a Vera Wang quote that goes, “A woman is never sexier than when she is comfortable in her clothes.” It doesn’t matter what I’m wearing, but as long as I feel good in it, I’ll look good in it.

Sydney gave two cents on her cozy, styling jacket – “I had been looking for a wool-lined jean jacket for like three years and my mom finally found one and surprised me with it for Christmas!”

What or who inspires the way you dress? The way I dress is totally inspired by my mom. Some of my friends say I’m actually starting to turn in to her. Dark clothes and big purses are something that I get from her, but I’m also just inspired by people I see on the street or clothes I see in the store.

Moving to Oregon from California, what decisions did you make fashion-wise to adjust to the new environment or “fit in” to Oregonian style? I definitely feel like my style has changed. Maybe not drastically– but it has in some ways. For one, college in general has made me less insecure and a more confident person, and I think that comes off in the way I dress now. I also think the culture in Oregon is much less judge-y about clothes and more like, “wear whatever the hell you want.” Now I’m excited to wear pieces of clothing that I wouldn’t normally wear and figure out how to fit them in with my wardrobe. And I love fun pants! Oregon definitely brought out the fun pants. Oh, and the Birkenstocks. I never would have thought about getting Birks if I didn’t come to Oregon.

3.pngSydney’s delicate, intricate gold bracelets come from Alex and Ani.

Your jewelry is beautiful! Are there any stories behind your bracelets or piercings? Yeah! Where to start… Well, my necklace was a present from my parents for Valentine’s Day last year, so I always think of them when I put it on. I love my Alex and Ani bracelets because I feel like they all represent a little piece of me. The “love” bracelet I got along with my mom and grandma, so it reminds me of family. Then I have an “S” for Sydney, Sapphire because I was born in September, and a Star of David to represent my Judaism. When I was little, my cousins in Mexico gave me an evil eye bracelet that I had wrapped around my wrist for what felt like years. When it fell off, I was pretty sad about it, but could never find one. A few years ago, I found a stand at the Grove that sold them and immediately bought one. The bracelet reminds me of my family, but also the evil eye wards off evil… so I got some rings for extra protection.

If you were given a shopping spree to one store/brand, what store/brand would you choose and what would you buy? This is pretty Jappy (note: Jewish American Princess), but definitely Nordstrom. I always walk in there and fall in love with so many things that I never end up buying. And I like it because they have clothes all over the fashion spectrum so it makes it easy for me to change things up or stay nice and simple.

4.pngSydney mentioned that she had her hoops since middle school. They’ve come a long way and are still such lovely classics! Her top earring is from Studio City Tattoo and her studs are from a little store in Cambria, California.

If there was one song that described your look and composure, what would your song be?Who Said” by Hannah Montana. It’s hilarious, but pretty true. Like I’ll dress how I want and be who I want. It’s my choice.

If you could work with one designer or style icon, who would you work with to design your perfect outfit? I would choose Clinton Kelly. He used to be on What Not To Wear and now he is a host on The Chew, one of my favorite shows. His style is classic, but he knows how to work with people and bring out their personalities in their outfits. He doesn’t just push his style on other people. And we both love food, so we would totally get along during the process.

PicMonkey Collage1Sydney found her evil eye rings from a little stand in the Grove.

Does your eye gravitate to detail and color in outfits? What do you find eye-catching and appealing in fashion? My eyes definitely gravitate towards darker clothes, but I find really girly details eye-catching. Like the way a dress is cut or delicate flowers as a pattern always grabs my attention.

If you could swap wardrobes with anyone for a week, who would you swap with? And who would you love to see in your own clothes? If I could swap wardrobes with anyone it would be Daphne Oz. She’s a mom… and I dress like a mom. But she is so cute and fashionable while looking grown-up at the same time. She also wears cute heels that I’m afraid to walk in. I also think it’d be pretty cool to see her in my clothes.


You have one of the most unique pair of Birks I’ve ever seen! What steered you towards your pair? Thanks! I actually got them in Berlin over the summer. Honestly, they weren’t my first choice. I knew I wanted a pair with three straps, but I was looking for a floral pattern. When I couldn’t find them in my size, I almost gave up, but then I found these silver ones. At first I thought they looked tacky, but when I put them on I realized they brighten up my outfit and made a cute statement. They’re honestly my favorite pair of shoes. I could wear all black and brighten my outfit up and be totally set.

I adore your pants! Do you fancy bold, patterned pieces of clothing or minimalistic pieces of clothing more? I’m somewhere in between. I’m kind of scared of wearing really bold clothing, but I like having some pieces. Like my fun pants! But then I usually pair them with minimalistic things. Sometimes when I’m feeling really confident, I’ll wear two bold pieces, like these pants and shoes, but I’ll usually leave it at one or none. When I’m in a fun mood, I try to wear something bold so everyone knows I’m in a fun mood! But I love just plain t-shirts and long sleeve shirts because you can always dress them up or down. So my closet is mostly minimalistic with my handful of bold ones.

Always great to have a mixture of both! Thank you for talking with me! Do you have any concluding remarks? I like to remind myself to be confident and don’t be ashamed in anything that makes me who I am. When I walk down the street in something new, I always wonder what people will think. But I remind myself that I’m the one that likes it and that’s all that matters, so I should be confident in it. And I also remind myself that in life situations! Like when I was almost embarrassed to take out my One Direction folder in class the other day, I reminded myself, “Hey! You do like One Direction! It doesn’t matter what the people around you think! Be confident! Whip out that folder!” And I think doing this makes me a happier person.

6.pngWords and photos by Miranda Sarah Einy, @MIRANDWA


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