Name: Harley E.

Year: Freshman

Majors: General Social Sciences and Political Science

Hometown: Washington, D.C. and Eugene, Oregon


Harley looks sleek and warm in a tan Banana Republic jacket and skinny jeans.

How did you pick your majors? It’s just what interests me the most, and I think there are a lot of really interesting careers that I can go into after this. I would love to work for an international NGO or some sort of international institution like the UN or the State Department.

Is it hard being close to where you spent a large part of your childhood? I think it’s kind of nice. I can visit my family whenever I want, which has been good. But by saving so much money on school by going instate, I’m also allowed to travel way more. So, I am closer to home most of the year, but I also get to go to way cooler places when I’m not studying.

Have you gone anywhere yet? I went to Peru last summer, and over winter break, I went to Los Angeles, D.C. and New York, which I probably wouldn’t have done if I went to a $50,000 a year school.

Is there a dream place you would like to travel to? There are a lot of places. I really want to go to Greece, Morocco and Thailand. Those are my top three.


Her trendy Chelsea boots are from Nordstrom Rack.

Who are some of your style inspirations? I really like Karlie Kloss. I like most of the things I see her wearing on Instagram. I’ve actually been a fan of hers since middle school, so I haven’t really changed much.

How would you describe your personal style? Definitely urban, professional, chic. I always kind of dress like I’m going to a job rather than to school.

Why do you like dressing professionally? It makes me more focused during school. It makes me more driven just in case I happen to meet my future employer in a class or on campus. If I’m meeting with a professor, I just like to look more like an adult than a student.

Do you think you stand out because of that? Maybe a little bit. When I’m walking and there are people wearing sweats and UGGs around me, I hope that I do.


Her simple maroon turtleneck from Forever 21 makes her statement necklace, also from Forever 21, shine.

Do you ever wear sweats? Not really. I’ve never owned a pair of sweatpants or real UGGs. My relaxed look includes jeans or nice leggings.

Does dressing make you feel confident? It just makes me feel better about myself knowing that I look at least somewhat decent. It does give me more confidence.

I know a lot of students struggle with dressing for a work setting. What tips do you have for dressing professionally? Just looking like you put some effort into your outfit. It’s also good to actually thinking about what you’re putting on and not just what is convenient.

Have you always cared about what you wore? Well, I wore a school uniform until I was in fifth grade. It was actually super cute. It looked kind of like the ones in “Gossip Girl.” It was blue and plaid, and there was a skirt and a little button-down shirt.

Like a little Blair Waldorf. Yeah, basically. So, when I had the freedom to start wearing whatever I wanted, that was when I started caring.


The gold details give this leather Aldo backpack a cool, urban touch.

Nowadays, do you feel your style is set or is it still evolving? It started to get more consistent the past year or so. I sort of realized that recently, actually. I’m definitely drawn to colors and sharp lines. I don’t wear a lot of patterns. I don’t know if that will change or not, but that’s currently where I am.

Are there any trends or brands you really like right now? I really like Chelsea boots. I’m wearing them now. I wear them like three days a week. I wear a lot of sweaters, and I really like Banana Republic. Before I went in there, I thought it was mom clothes, but I went in, and it’s not.

Has it been difficult for you to transition to college? Well, I went to high school around here, and I took classes here my junior and senior year, so the academic transition wasn’t hard at all. I think the social transition has been tougher just because you’re not in classes with the same people all day long, and you kind of have to work to make friends. Up until now, you’re put in classes with the same people, so it’s easy to form relationships that way. I think that’s the main difference.


Words and photos by Hannah Steinkopf-Frank, @HSTEINKOPFFRANK

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