Name: Natalie G.

Year: Sophomore

Major: Journalism

Hometown: Monterey, California


Natalie’s red sweater, which is reminiscent of Velma from “Scooby-Doo,” is from H&M. She completes the look with a thrifted denim jumper, which earns recognition from Dressed up Ducks as the most unique denim piece on campus.

What was the inspiration for your outfit? I woke up this morning, and I felt like doing something funky. I put on this denim thing, and I thought I looked like DJ Tanner from “Full House.” This is cool. I just went with it.

Can you tell me about that denim piece? I thrifted it. It’s kind of a jumper deal. When I got dressed, I had my sweater in mind. It’s one of my favorites, so I just work around it in general. Then I looked in my closet and found something I haven’t worn often. That’s how I dress myself; I find pieces I haven’t worn recently.


This silver geometric necklace from Forever 21 elevates the look from youthful to edgy art teacher. 

Are you inspired by the ’90s? I am sometimes. Sometimes, it can be too grungy and too much of a bummer.

What inspires you? Well, my favorite director is Wes Anderson. I get some style inspiration from that, especially with the colors.


Matching colors is cool, but matching zippers, that’s just impressive. Natalie’s boots are another solid find from Forever 21 that match the other silver zips in the outfit.

If you had to wear the same thing every day, what would you wear? I have this duck sweatshirt, but the ducks are anatomically correct. I’d wear that and overalls because I’m a camp councilor, so that’s my go-to. I’m a camp councilor back in Iowa in the summer. It’s just an overnight camp where we do rock climbing and canoeing. It has definitely left a big mark on what I wear every day.

How often do you thrift? It’s just kind of like a hobby. I grab a friend, and it’s just kind of a fun thing to do when I’m bored. It’s a cool way to produce less. It’s environmentally friendly and a way to save money.


Words and Photos by Elinor Manoogian-O’Dell, @ElinormODell


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