Name: Rachel H.

Year: Senior

Major: Communication Disorders and Sciences

Minors: Nonprofit Administration and Judaic Studies

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

3Rachel’s jean jacket is from Gap, her grey cardigan is from Old Navy, her t-shirt is from H&M, her black jeans are from Pacsun and her shoes are from Nordstrom.

How would you describe your aesthetic? I would describe my aesthetic as quite basic and simple with a touch of flare, whether that is a pattern that sticks out or a pop of color in jewelry, shoes or accessories.

Does fashion play an important role in your lifestyle? I wouldn’t say fashion plays an important part in my lifestyle. However, I do feel that fashion is the easiest way for me to express myself, and I do enjoy playing around with different looks. My looks, although mostly consistent, do change depending on my mood. There are days when I try to dress more professionally, and there are other days when I am tired and don’t feel like trying. That is when I throw on leggings and a cozy sweater.


Where do you find your fashion inspiration? I tend to find most of my fashion inspiration from observing people everywhere I go. I love people watching, especially with the people I surround myself with most. Sometimes, I even pick up ideas from various stores’ websites and magazines.

Do you have any current fashion obsessions? If so, what are they? My current fashion obsession is not that exciting or out of the ordinary, but I have been really into trying to implement more layers into my outfits to add depth, as seen in the pictures!

What song describes your style? “Work It” by Missy Elliott.

12Rachel’s stunning pearl-strapped watch is from Michael Kors.

Do you have any stories behind your jewelry? My necklace was a gift from my mom, and I basically never take it off. My watch was a gift from my boyfriend’s parents. I just got it for the holidays, and it is my favorite watch I own. It’s kind of funny because the only watches I own are from my boyfriend’s parents! On my other wrist, the grey band was a gift from my friend that she brought me from her travels while studying abroad. The blue and red rope bracelet never gets taken off and is from Camp Harmony, a nonprofit organization I work closely with. It is a constant reminder of my favorite place. Also, you will notice a hair tie. I never leave the house without a hair tie on my wrist. You never know when you’ll need to get your hair out of your face! My rings were also a gift from my mom, and I wear them every day. I feel naked if I leave the house without them.


Are you more comfortable in minimalist outfits? Has there ever been a time when you’ve been extremely daring with your outfit? If so, what did you wear? I definitely find myself coming back to minimalist outfits. I guess I must be pretty boring because I tried thinking of a daring outfit that I’ve worn before, and I really can’t think of anything. The majority of my wardrobe consists of black, white and grey clothing, so it’s definitely pretty simple. Actually, it’s quite funny. When my boyfriend and I are shopping, he’ll point certain pieces of clothing out that are more colorful because he knows that I always choose the neutral colors!

PicMonkey Collage

Looking back on your freshman style, what has changed the most about how you put outfits together and how you perceive fashion as a whole? Since freshman year, I think the biggest thing that has changed is the way I pair certain things together. I like to pair certain pieces of jewelry with certain pieces of clothing. Another thing that has changed is the way I perceive fashion. I used to just see it as clothing. Whereas now, I see it as a way of how I appear to others at first glance as well as a way of expressing my personality.

How do you feel about graduating soon? Are you excited to wear the classic cap and gown? I can’t believe I am graduating in just a few short months! It is so surreal that this college experience is coming to an end. I keep going back and forth about how I feel about almost graduating… I am definitely not excited that the college experience is coming to an end. That being said, I am thrilled with the experience I have had here at the U of O, and it is exciting to see what the next chapter holds as I begin my career and my adult life.

5“I have admired these tennis shoes on some of my closest friends for a long time, and I finally decided to buy myself a pair. They became my favorite pair of tennis shoes,” she said about her Superga shoes.

What has been one of the most rewarding experiences for you at the University of Oregon? I would have to say that the most rewarding thing for me during my time here is the fact that I was able to find three completely different programs that interested me and will be able to graduate with a degree in three different areas, all of which are passions of mine. I can only hope that I will be able to implement all that I have learned into my career choice and life path.

14Words and Photos by Miranda Sarah Einy, @MIRANDWA


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