Chelsea + Juliana

Names: Chelsea P. and Juliana R.

Year: Sophomores

Majors: Chelsea studies organic chemistry, and Julianna studies human physiology.

Hometown: Chelsea is from Hillsboro, Oregon, and Julianna is from Birmingham, Alabama.


Dressed up Ducks caught Chelsea (left) and Juliana (right) on their way home from class. Both were wearing sleek, minimalist outfits that took on a whole new level of cool when we realized they were about to get on a motorcycle. 

Do you ride your motorcycle to school every day?

Chelsea: I live over by Autzen Stadium, and I have to take the bus to and from campus, and sometimes it takes too long. There’s free motorcycle parking all along campus, so I can just roll up and go to class. I get 100 miles per gallon. So I pay like two dollars a week for gas, which is really nice.

How long have you been riding it? Just over a year, but I’m going to get a motorcycle as soon as I can afford it. This is a scooter-motorcycle hybrid, but I have to have my motorcycle license to drive it.

Does it affect how you dress every day? I used to wear open-toed shoes every day until someone in a Maserati cut me off, and then I slid and took off like five toenails. So now I always wear close-toed shoes and usually a leather jacket.

What do you wear when it rains? Yeah, that is the downside. I usually just wear a raincoat, and the front part of my bike blocks everything else. I also have a waterproof backpack, which everyone needs in Oregon.


Chelsea’s waterproof backpack is a practical choice for the Oregon weather.

Do you feel the fact that you ride a motorcycle sets you apart? Yeah, people talk to me all the time. People always ask me about my motorcycle: where I got it, how I like it, how much I’m selling it for.

Do you feel like a badass? A little bit, but then people ask what kind of bike I ride, and I’m like, “it’s a scooter.” I want to upgrade to a motorcycle.


Julianna’s statement watch is from Swiss Army.

Have you ridden on it before?

Juliana: Yeah, she’s taken me on it a couple of times, and I think it’s so much fun. Now I want to learn how to ride a motorcycle, which I never wanted to until I experienced the adrenaline.

Can you tell me about the first time you rode on it?

Chelsea: Her eyes watered.

Juliana: Yeah, all my makeup ran and tears were dripping down my face.

Chelsea: She got off, and she was like, “That was wicked!”

Juliana: I was so hooked. I want one so badly now. I want to learn sometime soon, and Chelsea is going to teach me. It’s $90 every term to park your car on campus, so I just feel like I should get a moped.

How would you describe your style?

Juliana: I like mixing more formal jackets with really cool trendy Nikes. I guess I like sporty style.


Juliana’s tennies are from Nike. They make it easy to run around campus while also adding a sporty vibe to her outfit.

How would you describe your style?

Chelsea: My style is usually a flannel or some type of button-up shirt with black jeans. I wear black jeans every single day. Then, I usually wear Converse or Chelsea boots. These shoes are from France actually. I studied abroad for a year.

Did studying abroad affect your style?

Chelsea: Definitely! Before I went to France, I always wore my brother’s clothes– like basketball shorts and stuff. And then I got to France, and girls were always dressing up. It was really common for girls to wear heels to class and pantyhose. They would wear them under their jeans so that they didn’t have to wear socks that showed. I just don’t wear socks. Now, I’m more into style and minimalism. I wear black and white to match my scooter.


Words and Photos by Elinor Manoogian-O’Dell, @ElinormODell



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