Name: Dagny D.

Year: Freshman

Major: Journalism and Political Science

Hometown: San Diego, California

How would you describe your personal style? I would describe my style as trashy try-hard. Joking! I really just throw on a mix of clothes; whatever suits me that particular day. I like to switch it up. Recently, I’ve been all over velvet.


Dagny wears a thrifted black sweater under a vintage coat that belonged to a deceased neighbor.


Has college influenced how you dress? I wear a lot more sweatshirts in public now! College has taught me the art of piecing together an outfit in five minutes after rolling out of bed. 

How does Eugene’s style compare to San Diego’s? A lot of San Diego fashion consists of too short pants with athletic socks and red Vans, which I haven’t seen a lot of here in Oregon. Naturally, San Diegans dress a lot more for the beach and warm weather, and it seems to be a lot more casual. Portlanders have a style that I really like; it’s more upscale and quirky.

Where do you normally shop? I hit up a LOT of estate sales.


Her black velvet leggings are from Gap.

If you had a motto or catchphrase for how you dress, what would it be? My catch phrase would probably be “what is that?!”

If one song could be the soundtrack of your composure and style, what would it be? “Unwritten” by Natasha Bedingfield.

 What is your go-to fashion advice? My go-to fashion advice is wear what makes you happy. Although, on some days, my advice is wear something that makes everyone afraid of you.

What is your ideal outfit? My faux fur coat is a must. Under that, my Amoeba Records shirt, velvet pants and some boots. Add some fun earrings, probably golden.

Style wise, do you identify with any particular cartoon character? I really identify with Patrick Star the most. He knows how to rock a pattern!

Who most inspires how you dress? My main fashion inspos are Beyoncé and Mac DeMarco.

What would you change about today’s fashion industry? I think the fashion industry is kind of a mess, especially the portrayal of models in popular culture. It’s very whitewashed, and I think it really morphs the image of a “real woman or man.”


Her maroon boots are Dr. Martens.

“What does the fashion industry of today seem to be promoting as the “ideal woman or man?” The fashion industry is all about furthering a cookie-cutter mindset, and while it’s really encouraging to see some designers stepping up to be more diverse (like Lucky Brand), 85% of models in fall 2015 print ads were white, and that’s nothing new. It’s just a really big problem when young people – it’s safe to say especially females – see only white, only thin models everywhere and are told either outright or inferentially that they are supposed to look that way.


Words and Photos by Kendra Siebert



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