Name: Zoe H.

Year: Freshman

Major: International Studies

Hometown: Salem, Oregon


Zoe styles a pair of overalls by combining the youthful piece with a business casual jacket from Nordstrom. 

Do you feel like you stand out when you wear overalls? To me, they are more of a casual thing. I do ballroom dancing, so usually I’ll try and wear dresses. For ballroom dance, we wear knee length dresses, tights and oxfords. This is my first year, so a little shout-out to UO Ballroom Club on Friday nights. I did ballet for 15 years, and I started going to [UO Ballroom] dances with friends. It’s a great little group.


Underneath, Zoe wears a  basic white t-shirt from H&M.

Why did you make the decision to pair that jacket with overalls? Well, it stopped raining, so I didn’t need to wear a rain jacket. It was just for a pop of color. I saw the overalls first, and it felt like an overalls type of day. They are really easy to dress up with booties and a nice jacket.

What does an overalls day entail? A day when you don’t feel like picking out a shirt and pants that go together.


Her shoes are Dansko. 

How would you describe your style aesthetic? Not today, but normally it’s very Audrey Hepburn with lots of black and kind of ’60s or late ’50s.

What do you like about that era? I love the black flats, cigarette pants and black tops. Basically, all black outfits and red lipstick. This outfit today is very modern for me.

Do you think ballet informs your style? We always have a very strict wardrobe for ballet: all black and pink tights. That definitely had an effect on what I wear. It’s very simple.


Written and photographed by Elinor Manoogian-O’Dell, @ElinormODell





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