Sierra and Edgar

Names: Sierra H. and Edgar S.

Year: Freshmen

Majors (respectively): Sierra studies psychology, and Edgar studies human physiology.

Hometown: Both are from Bakersfield, California.

DSCN0321 copy

Edgar and Sierra typically go with a modern hipster vibe that’s influenced by their favorite music. Edgar’s clothes are mainly from Pacsun, but his blue printed shirt is from Cotton On. Sierra sports Urban Outfitters most days, which is where her cream sweater came from.

Sierra, what do you think defines your style? I’m mostly influenced by Tumblr and the kinds of music I listen to. Some days, I want to wear one thing, and other days, I go for a completely different look. I definitely draw from the artist Halsey. She’s kinda underground still, but her style is kinda out there. Plus, she’s part of the reason why I dyed my hair blue.

What do you think about her blue hair, Edgar? I love her blue hair. I don’t think anyone else can pull her style off but her. I love the way that she changes her hair, and how it’s spontaneous. I love how she doesn’t just stick to one color. I’m the one who does her hair to save her a lot of money. If I can listen to music or watch TV, I could do her hair for hours. I have to give myself a week to prepare to do it just because it takes so long.

Sierra and Edgar got zodiac sign tattoos as a last minute decision in Las Vegas last July. Edgar also has collected a few more tattoos between then and now.

What’s the story behind your zodiac sign, tattoo Edgar? I picked the zodiac out because — I’m not really into astrology or anything — but the last thing my grandma gave to me was a cup, and that cup has my zodiac sign. The tattoo was an impulse to get, but the Cancer thing popped into my head, and I chose to get it. I think it kinda shows that it’s my first tattoo. I wouldn’t do anything to change it.

What about your other tattoos? The one on my forearm I got right before we moved here. I like to think that it represents me breaking out of my comfort zone, but still being me. I found out recently too that the triangle can also mean Cancer, so it kinda goes with my other one.

  Along with tattoos, both Sierra and Edgar have piercings to help define their style. While Sierra has nine piercings, and plans to collect more, Edgar’s lip ring is enough for him.

Sierra, when did you start piercing your ears? It just kinda goes back to when I was younger, and my mom telling me to keep my piercings to my ears, so I decided that I wanted to get as many ear piercings as possible. I’m still in the process of it. Like last week, I got my daith pierced. I just think it’s cute, and I like the way it looks. The daith is cool too because it goes through a pressure point and can relieve migraines.

Why did you get your lip pierced Edgar? I got my piercing when I was a sophomore in high school. Basically, Tom DeLonge from Blink–182 had one, so I got one.


Edgar and Sierra complete their style with their shoes. When they want to style-up, Edgar goes with his Sperrys boat shoes, and Sierra goes with her Dr. Marten boots.

What made you buy boat shoes Edgar? Well, I got them for prom with Sierra, and I paid a lot of money for them. So when I dress up, I like to wear them to complete the look.

Why do you wear Dr. Marten’s Sierra? I love the combat style of boots. Plus, I like to move away from the typical style sometimes. I feel like everyone has been wearing the short booties, and I think Dr. Martens provides a fashionable boot that not everyone wears.


Edgar bought Sierra a ring with six diamonds when she graduated high school. It doubles as a graduation present and a promise ring.

So what’s the story behind the ring Edgar? Well, I gave it to her when she was really sick in bed to help cheer her up. I bought it to celebrate her graduating from high school, but also thought it was time to prove my commitment to her. It was around the time when she was deciding on either going to NYU or U of O. The ring is meant to symbolize to her that I will love her wherever she goes. We ended up moving here together, so it ended up working out.

Words and photo by Isabel Jolley, @JolleyIsabel

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