Name: Kathryn K.

Year: Freshman

Major: Human Physiology

Hometown: San Diego, California


Katheryn breaks up an all black look with some classic denim.

Does fashion play an important roll in your lifestyle? Some days, yes. Some days, I’m just really feeling it. I just throw on a cute outfit, and it makes my whole day better. Some days, I just want to roll out of bed and feel comfortable.

Where do you find your inspiration? Tumblr and through people watching.


Her crystal earrings add a bit of personality to the outfit.

Where do you usually shop? There’s a place I would always shop at called Dream Girls, which is a little boutique down by the beach (in San Diego). I also shop at Thrift Trader, Urban Outfitters and Buffalo Exchange.

Have you ever gone through any fashion phases? I went through a phase where I would always wear stripes. Every shirt I wore had stripes on it.


Katheryn styles her Chelsea boots by rolling up the cuffs of her denim jeans.

Since you’re from Southern California, was it hard for you to adjust to Oregon’s colder, wetter weather? Yeah. I wear a lot more layers, and I like to wear big comfy coats—which I never got to do back in California. Also, boots! I also started wearing a lot of beanies, but not so much recently.

Would you say that you’re inspired by the southern California lifestyle/fashion? Yeah, but I can’t wear it up here. Sanuks were a big thing down in San Diego, and they were what we would wear in the winter, but we really can’t wear them in the winter here.


Why did you choose to come to the University of Oregon as opposed to schools in California? I wanted a change in the environment where I would get all of the seasons. I wanted to be where it was actually green, and there were trees. I also really like sports, and I wanted to go to a school known for its sports.


Katheryn’s black leather bag keeps with 

If you had to describe your style in one word, what word would you choose? Comfortable.

What kind of music do you listen to? All kinds of music except country. My four favorite bands right now are Red Hot Chili Peppers, A Tribe Called Quest, Tame Impala and Alt-J.


Words and photos by Maddy Wignall, @WignallMaddy

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