Name: Morgan L.

Year: Freshman

Major: Business

Minor: Product Design


Morgan’s denim jeans and sweatshirt are from American Apparel.

Growing up in Eugene, have you always wanted to be a Duck? Not really. My first choice would’ve been the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles or a design school in San Francisco. But since I’m here, I’m embracing it. S’co ducks!

Do you think that living in Eugene has influenced your style? Eugenians are known to be hippies, so not in that sense. My fashion inspiration comes from Youtube vloggers and websites like Lookbook, Pinterest and Tumblr. I’d say I have more of a street style mixed with some high-end fashion. As a fashion minimalist, I like to focus on fine details like texture and quality.

Where do you get most of your clothes? Mostly ASOS, American Apparel, Forever 21 Men and some bits and pieces from Urban Outfitters. I like to hit the sale and clearance racks when it comes to clothing staples so that I can invest in expensive brands that I love, especially for shoes.


Both his backpack and mesh shirt are from Feathers.

What are your favorite trends of this season? Oversized jackets, asymmetrical t-shirts and Adidas sneakers.

Nike or Adidas? I couldn’t tell you! I own more Nike products, but I also dig the Adidas trend… it’s here to stay. Wearing Nike socks with my Adidas sneakers lets me represent both of the brands.


Representing both brands, Morgan’s sneakers are from Adidas while his socks are Nike.

When you’re getting dressed for the day, what do you like to listen to? Currently, my go-to is “Work” by Rihanna ft. Drake.

Who are your favorite artists? I’ve been listening to Marc E. Bassy, Tinash, and Rihanna. They have some club bangers that I love to dance to!

What do you hope to accomplish at UO? I want to graduate with a business degree, concentrating in entrepreneurship and product design. After that, I’d like to land an internship with a magazine or fashion company in L.A. or work behind some kind of fashion movement. Hopefully, one day I’ll live in a luxurious flat, own a clothing line and be able to treat my parents to dinner since they’ve done so much for me.


Words and photos by Rachel Lauren, @rach3llaur3n

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