Name: Victoria L.

Year: Freshmen

Major: Romance Languages

Hometown: Ashland, Oregon

Was there a point in your life when your style changed dramatically? Oh yeah! When I started going through my mom’s closet. I “borrowed” the first thing, a pair of clogs, from her closet two years ago I think. But it’s okay, because I see her wearing my clothes around all the time too!


All the clothes Victoria is wearing are either from Goodwill or her mom’s closet.

Would you say you’re inspired by your mom’s style? Not quite. I guess I take inspiration from places like Goodwill and thrift stores all over the place and moms, just like moms in general. I really like moms’ styles, as weird as that sounds.

What’s your favorite thrift store back home? I actually like the ones here more, especially St. Vincent de Paul and Value Village. We don’t have either of those in Ashland. We only have Goodwill and the Freebox, but hardly anyone goes to Freebox, so pretty much only Goodwill.


Is there a story behind your jewelry? Yeah, my earrings are actually from a grocery store back in my hometown. Where I grew up is kind of a hippie town, so when you go to the grocery store, you can find things like prayer flags and incense and earrings. These aren’t actually real gages. They’re just regular earrings that look like gages. And my necklace is actually my mom’s again! It’s all of the astrology signs. I’m really into astrology and that sort of thing. I’ve even gotten my astrology chart read.


Is there anything else that inspires you? My music definitely influences my style, but it depends on what song in particular I’m listening to. I’m super into music! I’ve only been playing (guitar) for eight months, but it feels like I’ve been playing for longer! I won my guitar at my senior all night party, and I taught myself how to play the guitar after coming back from spending half the year in Spain.

Is there a song that describes your style? Anything by Glass Animals


Words and photos by Darienne Stiyer, @dariennekaye

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