Trending: Menswear

With the world of fashion remaining one of the most cutting-edge industries, it is no wonder that fashion has always toyed with societal concepts of gender. From David Bowie in the ‘70s to Grace Jones in the ‘80s to modern day Janelle Monae, androgynous style is always undeniably cool. As Bowie donned dramatic makeup, long hair and tight bodysuits, Jones and Monae took a different approach by rocking clothing that was traditionally worn by men. The power suits, blazers and collared shirts they wore paved the way for the current menswear trend, both for men and women.

Always appropriate and always dapper, menswear has made a huge comeback this year. Starting with the Prada Fall 2015 Menswear show that featured both male and female models, celebrities have been spotted wearing the menswear around. Khloe Kardashian, Cara Delevingne and Kate Moss all made headlines when they showed up to red carpet events while wearing suits. It’s effortless, yet put-together, comfortable, but fashionable. Most of all, it’s fun to dress up (or down!) in something that differs from what you would normally wear.


Noah P. takes a more preppy approach to menswear. With his subtle use of leather items, neutral pants and one loud piece, the emphasis of the outfit is on the shirt. The pattern and color add something fun to an outfit that would otherwise be modest.


Here, Hannah D. (left) and Maddie V. (right) each wear a different style of menswear-inspired outfits. Hannah’s outfit has a more simple flair. Her mix of dark jewel tones helps the stark black and white of her hat and sneakers pop. Her tight pants offset the use of traditionally masculine cap, chunky sneakers and flannel. Maddie goes for a bolder look by pairing two patterned men’s pieces, her shirt and jacket. However, the white jeans, suede shoes and use of accessories make you focus on the outfit as a whole, giving it a very contemporary vibe.


Jake G. demonstrates a fashionable take on a traditional style. The red plaid button-up shirt contrasts with his striped socks for a fun juxtaposition. The use of leather detail items like his satchel and Sperry shoes add some texture to the outfit. Jake’s jacket is well-fitted and portioned, something that is a key aspect for a classic menswear outfit.






Sara E. offers a very causal take on the menswear trend. With fitted jeans, simple sneakers and a borrowed flannel, she encompasses the everyday outfit that we all are known to wear. Comfy, simple and wearable: what more could you want?

Words by Sarah Sally Craig,@sarahthecraig

Photos by Miranda Sarah Einy, @mirandwa


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