Name: Hayley B.

Year: Freshman

Major: Theatre Arts

Hometown: Houston, Texas

Where are you from? I was born in the Woodlands Texas area, moved away, but came back a couple years later. I moved to Vancouver, Washington, and when my brother was born, we moved to Eugene for four years. When I was six, my family moved back to Texas.

IMG_3712 edit.jpg

Hayley mixes patterns for a vintage style.

Was living in Eugene for four years why you picked UO? Yeah, there are lots of childhood memories here. My grandparents met here at graduate school, and my mom’s side of the family lives in Oregon. I want to be closer to my grandparents who live around this area.

What is your favorite thing you’re wearing? Oh man, I don’t know. These are my favorite jeans, my favorite shoes and one of my favorite shirts. Everything is my favorite.

Where is everything from? These jeans are so comfortable, they’re from Lucky Brand. The shirt is from Goodwill and the jacket is from Value Village, a thrift store in Springfield. My shoes are from Nordstrom.

IMG_3717 edit.jpg

Her jacket offers a colorful accent.

Where do you shop? Usually thrift stores. Since I’m plus-sized, I usually buy men’s clothing, which can actually be really fashionable. Forever 21 Plus, H&M and Nordstrom Rack are other stores I shop at.

What are your favorite trends right now? Maroon. I love maroon and horizontal stripes. I’ve been seeing a lot of people wearing denim on denim lately, which I really like. I also love septum piercings and the slouchy, comfy-cute style.

How do you pick an outfit? I’ve been trying to get my aesthetic. Ugh I can’t believe I just used the word aesthetic seriously. I’ve been trying to get my style together by purchasing things that match. So, if I’m getting ready in a dark room and had to grab a shirt and a pair of pants, they would match, because it’s all the same style.

IMG_3714 edit.jpg

Her booties are perfect for the warmer days ahead.

What do you hope your style becomes? A little more expensive-looking. I wish I had the guts to be a little edgier. That’s where I am trying to go, especially with my makeup. I love that really intense look where people braid their hair back and look fierce.

Do you draw inspirations from anyone or anywhere? I find plus-size women really inspiring, but it’s hard because famous plus-size women have really expensive clothing that I can’t afford. I just do my own thing.

IMG_3711 edit.jpg

Hayley’s septum piercing and glasses add to her sense of style.

Words and photos by: Hailey Woram, @hworam_

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