Name: Haley J.

Year: Sophomore

Major: Product Design

Hometown: Eugene, Oregon


Haley pairs a Free People top with a midi-dress from Urban creating a unique look.

Can you tell me about the boutique you work at in Eugene? I’ve worked there [Mannequin@Salon DeLange] for three years. I do some of the product managing, and I’m a buyer. I think that influences my style in some ways. Part of that is when I’m not at work, I get to be a little more creative and have fun with it. I enjoy styling people, and I think I’m better at styling other people than myself.

What is Mannequin @Salon DeLange? We’re a collection boutique [and hair salon] so we go to markets in Portland, Vegas and Seattle. We handpick all of our pieces, and we try to focus mainly on stuff that’s made in the U.S. We try to get pieces that we will be the only place that carries. We’re also having a fashion show in March at the salon. We dress up our clients and have a really wide age range. We just go through and talk about styling and everything.


Haley ordered her bag on Etsy from a company in the Ukraine. Here are some other practical yet chic Etsy finds: here, here and here.

How did you get your job? I was hired when I was 16 to sweep hair in the salon, and it just evolved wildly since then.

What does being a buyer entail? It entails going to Portland – they have these hotels that have been completely renovated into these giant shopping centers – and you go and look at upcoming collections and pick pieces that interest you. It’s really exciting.

Haley’s earth tone blue shoes are from Coolway

You said that you dress other people better than yourself. How do you approach dressing someone else? I used to just have people walk around and see the pieces that appealed to them. But more than anything, I think you kind of have a gut reaction to what you think they would look good in. A lot of it is just experimental. A lot of it is being willing to try stuff on; I think that’s the best way to be successful. I think it’s really hard to dress yourself, because you are so inhibited by your insecurities. But I think other people see us more honestly than we see ourselves.


Wide brim hats are an easy way to complete a look. Haley’s is from Forever 21.

What role do you see fashion playing in your life? I think it’s a really good way to communicate with people. We can’t choose a lot of things about ourselves, but we choose what we buy and how we put it on and how that communicates with the world. I think it helps us find our people. I’m thinking about adopting an uniform too.


How would you explain what an uniform is? A uniform is a skin that you choose.

Words and photos by Elinor Manoogian-O’Dell, @ElinormODell

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