Name: Morgan S.

Year: Freshman

Major: Journalism

Hometown: Los Angeles, California


 Morgan’s look is a collection of cool pieces she’s picked up secondhand from her friends.

How would you describe your everyday style? Well, it always kind of depends on what I’m feeling that day. Today, I wanted to be casual but also wear something springy and summery, something happy. Usually, my style reflects the mood that I am in on that particular day.

Has your style changed since coming to Oregon? Yeah, I definitely wear and buy more boots now! Back home, I would wear booties more often because you could show your legs more, but here you just want to keep them warm! I also don’t wear heels as often. In high school, I used to wear heels all the time! I pulled off the “Pretty Little Liars” look they have going on in the show.



Her boots are from ShoeDazzle and are the most expensive part of her outfit.

Are there any stories behind the pieces you are wearing today? Well the jacket, funny story, I stole that from my friends. Sometimes they will say, “Ooh what happened to that one jacket?” And I will never say anything because I want to keep it! I call it the pimp jacket because of the fur. It makes me feel like a pimp. And my romper was only one dollar! I got it from a girl at school who was selling her old clothes.

And the hat? Oh the Love Your Melon! It’s for a nonprofit organization where all the donations go to making beanies for kids who have brain cancer.


She got her hat at a booth at the EMU.

Was there a point in your life when your style changed dramatically? Oh yeah. I went through so many phases. I went through the rock phase, kind of like the emo rock thing where you wear a lot of black. I even wore fishnet stuff! I also went through a lot of flare jeans too, especially the jeans with little stitch designs on them. Those dominated my wardrobe for a while.

Has there been any other changes in your life, little or dramatic, that you’ve noticed since going to college? I wear absolutely no makeup, which is weird because I thought I would care more about my appearance, but it turns out I care more about my clothes. I guess I’ve become more comfortable with myself and how I look without a lot of makeup on.

Are there any fashion trend that you hate? I hate Crocs. I believe only doctors are allowed to wear them, NO ONE ELSE. No one.


Words and photos by Darienne Stiyer, @dariennekaye


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