Mannequin’s Spring Fashion Show

Who: Mannequin at Salon DeLange

What: Spring Fashion Show

Where: 3011 N Delta Hwy, Eugene, Oregon


DSC_0090 copy.jpg

Models of all ages, from an adorable toddler to mature women, walked through a bright room with rows of smiling women watching. They wore flowy dresses, layered cardigans and bright accessories. One looked like she was about to go to a spring picnic as she held a metal canister meant to keep liquids hot or cold. Carol DeLange Grandaw, the owner of Mannequin at Salon DeLange, commented that the shop carries the canister big enough for a whole bottle of wine, and the audience broke into laughter.




Last week, Mannequin at Salon DeLange had its spring fashion show featuring outfits, hairstyles and makeup looks from the shop. The models were clients themselves and represented different age ranges and body types, which fit the diverse crowd who attended the event:  daughters, mothers and grandmothers. All of the clothing featured was handpicked by one of the buyers in the store. The buyers travel to San Francisco, Portland, Seattle and Los Vegas to bring back pieces that are mostly made in the U.S.A. and fair-trade. You can be sure that what you pick up at the shop can’t be found at other places around Eugene.




One of the models, Maeve O’Connell said, “There’s always really cute things; it’s hard to not buy a lot…I feel like at the mall, there are just too many options…you can see things here individually more.”

Models 2.jpg



Mannequin is the triple threat of the retail world. Anyone walking into the store can come out with a new hairstyle, makeup look and outfit. Pair that with a passionate staff and a relaxed atmosphere, the little boutique hidden away in North Eugene off of Delta Highway is a must visit.


Grandaw opened the salon 20 years ago after working and traveling with Paul Mitchel Haircare. She has always put an emphasis on traveling in style, and she had that in mind when she opened the clothing boutique three years ago. Grandaw holds packing demos and helps clients put together outfits for traveling. As models walked down the runway at Wednesday’s fashion show, she commented when a dress was easy to pack or light to travel with. While talking the audience through accessorizing ideas and new hairstyles, she made the show a more intimate event.


In the middle of the show, two women held a quick makeup demo for Motives Cosmetics, which the store recently started carrying.


Sonja Webb, a consultant with Motives, said when asked about working with Mannequin, ““It is wonderful. We’re just really excited that they took on the line and can promote it at events like this.” The line also features customizable foundation formulas which can make your makeup look more polished.


The show thoughtfully started and ended with a pair of models. They first came out in sleepwear. The finale included the same pair who returned wearing reversible dresses that they changed in the middle of the runway, revealing the original sleepwear underneath.

Words and photos by Elinor Manoogian-O’Dell, @ElinormODell

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