Name: Alex H.

Year: Transfer student

Major: Looking into both visual and theater arts

Hometown: Puyallup, Washington


Alex combines her acid wash skirt with bright yellow accents. 

What is the link between visual and theater arts? I’m looking into applying my skills with visual arts and taking it to the tech side of theater. I hope that will lead to more set painting and design.

Where there any theater pieces that inspired you growing up? My mom was a librarian. So she is a huge advocate for education and all that stuff. Growing up, she took us to things constantly. There’s the Seattle Children’s Theater. I’ve been going forever, and I’ve been in plays and shows. I’ve just been really lucky having a lot of people advocate the arts, which seems to be dwindling in some places.

Does being involved in theater affect how you dress? I think it does because we care about color and coordination. It’s fun. Power colors are a thing, and they exit, and they make you feel awesome.

What is a power color? To me, it’s either the emotion you want to emote that day or you are hoping to inspire yourself with. Today, I wore yellow because it’s my birthday. I’m excited. It’s going to rain. Cute raincoat aesthetic potentially? I just think it’s stuff that goes along with how you want to feel or how you are feeling.


Alex’s collar gives her look a vintage twist.

How would you describe your style? A conglomerate of whatever emotion I’m feeling. Because I have stuff that’s casual – like more gothic, lazy style. Then there’s stuff for when I want to look really vintage preppy. It’s kind of just the odds and ends pieces that I really like. I’m usually into more clashing, but coordinating patterns. That’s my favorite.

Do you have to have confidence to dress like you do? Just do it. I wouldn’t know. Not for me personally because it’s how I feel. When I’m booking it to school, and I’m exhausted and tired or once again being yelled at at work, I might as well wear something nice.


She adds a bit of personality to her outfit, literally peaking out from her purse.

What is the weirdest place you’ve drawn inspiration from fashion-wise? I don’t know if it’s weird necessarily, but children’s clothes. Because I walk by the children’s sections, and I’m like, “But I want that. I want that on me.” You know like the really bright, fun stuff or those really weird, quirky things you only get for a child. I’m like, “No I would like that.” There’s some stuff where I’m like, “I want to be fun.”

How did you dress growing up? Like a gremlin. It’s terrible. Don’t even ask me. I know I was such a brat, and said “I don’t care about people. I like learning, and I like arts, and I’m going to wear whatever colors I want.” Because you know all those weird jock people or preppy people, and you’re trying to not be like them.

Do you think your personality has caused your style to change or vice versa? I would say personality just because it affects how I feel when I go out for the day. I think it affects what I wear, and there are so many different looks. It’s hard to pin it down to one. You can be interchangeable, which I think is the funnest thing. I think that’s why I have an issue with closet size.


A lot of us have converse in our wardrobes, but do we have yellow converse in our wardrobes?

Have you always had the side haircut? I got it last year. My hair was mermaid status, and I was like, “I’m going to do it.” I did it, and it was so great. I actually used to work in a pool with kids, and the chlorine was ruining my hair. I had an excuse for all the really conservative people I know. They were like, “Why would you shave your head.” I said, “Oh it’s for work.” When really, it was for me.

What’s the weirdest reaction you’ve gotten from it? My favorite is I had this little girl – she was three – and she was sitting next to me, and she was talking. She was just talking about her day, and then she goes up to me, and she’s still talking, and she’s just like poking my head and running her fingers through the short side as she’s still talking to me about her day. She’s like three. And then she’s like, “You have a good head,” and that was it. So that was my favorite.

Do you feel your inner child is still part of who you are? Yes. If you don’t, why? Don’t give that away.

Do you think it’s hard to keep? Of course. Especially when you’re forced to be more rigid and professional. I think it’s trying to barge in in new ways, which I think is important because you don’t want to be worried and miserable.

Do you think you’ll always dress the same way you do? My hope is that I’m going to transform into a crazy art teacher later with shawls and really cool necklaces, but also Ms. Frizzle. That’s the goal, eventually.


Words by Hannah Steinkopf-Frank, @HSTEINKOPFFRANK

Photos by Elinor Manoogian-O’Dell, @ElinormODell

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