Name: Olivia M.

Year: Sophomore

Major: Pre-Business

Hometown: Berkeley, California

DSC_0032 copy.jpg

Olivia’s jumper is from Forever 21, and her crop top is from Free People.

What are you most excited about wearing now that it’s spring and we can actually see the sun? I’m totally a skirt type of girl, and I love rompers and crop tops. I’m looking forward to wearing those again. Plus, I love the new gladiator sandal trend, the ones that lace up your leg.

Has your wardrobe changed a lot since moving here? No not really. Northern California gets pretty rainy in the winter too. But I’m obsessed with shopping, so I’m always updating my closet.

DSC_0042 copy.jpg

Her boho bracelets are also from Forever 21.

Where do you do your shopping? So my main thing is that I try to find the cheapest version of everything because I’m broke [laughs]. So I shop online at Forever 21 all the time. For example, I love everything that Urban Outfitters has, but it’s SO expensive, and I just don’t have that kind of money now that I’m in college. But on the Forever 21 website, the clothes are super organized so you can find the coolest stuff. Practically everything I’m wearing right now is from there. Also a lot of Australian websites have some of the cutest pieces I’ve ever seen in my life. I just bought two new things from one last night. I really like Rat and Boa.

So you thrift a lot? Oh yeah, absolutely. I love going thrifting because you can find the coolest stuff, stuff that you literally wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else. I went thrifting over spring break back in California, and I found a tie-dye jumper, an old Coca-Cola shirt and a super OG Adidas tennis skirt. It’s on my list to go to Value Village here.
DSC_0039 copy.jpg

Olivia sports classic Sk8-Hi Vans.

Where do you get your inspiration from? I follow a lot of random people just because I think they have really cool style and outfits. But honestly, I wear what I think will be a really good combination. In middle school and high school though, I was definitely one of the most basic people ever and would dress in UGG slippers, jeans and hoodies.

DSC_0047 copy.jpg

A pop of color with her purse completes Olivia’s neutral look.

So what got you to start exploring your own personal style and wearing what you wanted to?  I actually met someone who sort of opened my eyes and said, “Hey you don’t need to dress like this. You should try to be an individual.” Ever since then, I’ve always thought, “Why would I want to be like anyone else?”

Everyone is trying to be unique in this world and the best way to make myself stand out is through my style… It’s an easy way to show your personality right away, unlike other parts of my personality like my music taste, etc.

What kind of bubble tea are you drinking? Green milk tea.

DSC_0049 copy.jpg

Words and Photos by Kate Morgan, @k8morgan_

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