Name: Doug H.

Year: Freshman

Major: Art

Hometown: San Jose, California


Doug combines a loose, earthy sweater that he bought from Goodwill with rolled up khakis from Levi’s and brown Rainbow sandals. His look brings together the vibes of the Northwest with the warmth and comfort of his home state, California.

What led you to become an art major? I was very confused coming into college, but I found myself being drawn to design. Haha get it? Drawn to design? I find a lot of enjoyment in making art pieces, and so I figured learning more about art and areas of art will help me to hone my skills and better express what I’m feeling.

Is there a specific area of art study that interests you? I like sculpture because sometimes it’s a more physical representation of what I’m feeling. I appreciate the time and effort that it takes to make a sculpture into what you really want it to be.

What sort of art projects are you working on now? A massive cardboard model of myself that is about two-thirds my height. The point is to learn about synthesis, bringing two things together.


Do you think that what you wear ties into what you’re studying? Is there an expectation for art students to dress a certain way? I feel like there is because people assume that because you’re artsy, you’re supposed to be stylish too. But also, that’s just another way in which I like to express myself, so I don’t really put the two together when it comes to me personally.

How would you describe your personal style? I feel like it’s just earthy casual. I like to wear old clothes, a little worn out but also with some more high-end pieces thrown in. I wear nude, earthy colors and a little black and white when I’m feeling a little thug.


“How hipster am I for using military time?”

How has your style changed over the years? I think it’s been pretty consistent. Now I’m focusing more on being more simple than I used to be.

What are your favorite stores? I like Goodwill, my dad’s closet, Patagonia, The North Face and just random shops online.

What do you like about thrifting? The occasional “jackpot jacket” that originally goes for $200 but I get it for $5!


Can you explain your tattoos? The one on my forearm is inspired by Dr. Woo, but I took it to a local artist who drew up something more his style. It signifies to me that I don’t know where I’m going, but I know I’m going forward. The one on my bicep is four flowers. I have a lotus, which means strength. Get it, ‘cause it’s on my bicep? There is a sunflower, which means pure thought, birds of paradise, which means destined for greatness and then a poppy for California. The one on my ribs is a horse, which I got with my grandpa because he’s always supported me with my uncommon interest in horses.

Can you explain your interest in horses? When I was pretty young, I told my dad that he needed to get a second job so that he could get me a horse. I have always had a lot of horse stuffed animals. I started riding horses when I was really little, and I just fell in love with them and have been riding ever since. 

Do you plan on getting any more tattoos? Hell yeah! I want an enso, which is a Japanese circle that is a symbol for allowing your mind to be free and your body to create. Also, I want a tree, which just means to be grounded to the earth and that you move with the wind. Maybe a Salvador Dali piece. Who knows.

Would you ever get a piece of you own art as a tattoo? I don’t think so. The reason is because I’ve worked on it so long that I’ve seen the flaws in it.

DSC_0014Doug shows an example of what he wants for a future tattoo: the enso, a Japanese “symbol for allowing your mind to be free and your body to create.”

What do you like to do with your free time? I like to bike, hike, draw, do CrossFit, read, ya know. Typical art student stuff.

How has the transition to college been? Pretty easy with some hiccups in the road. I’ve met amazing people, and that’s made the transition a lot easier.

Do you notice a difference between Oregon and California style? Not really here because a lot of people come here from California. I feel like people here are a lot more outdoorsy and actually act upon it. It seems that people in California want to be outdoorsy and dress like it, but they aren’t actually outdoorsy.


Has your style changed since moving to Oregon? I’ve focused more on my personal style than other trends going on and trying to fit those trends — what’s “hot.” 

What is your career goal? I don’t even know what I’m gonna wear tomorrow!






Words and photos by Maddy Wignall, @WignallMaddy

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