Dressed Up Ducks Staff: Spring Style

What inspired your outfit? I always center my outfit around one garment. I just bought this vintage polka dot dress from St. Vincent de Paul. I saw a lady with incredible ’70s vintage style who was looking at the dress. We made eye contact, and I think we both realized the dress was for me. She said, “I think this is more your style.” I didn’t even try it on, which I never do, because I was about to miss a bus to Portland. Incredibly, it fit perfectly. It’s one of those magical fashion stories that explain why I love vintage clothing. I decided to go full vintage with this retro jacket and my new (old) Bass shoes. What year is it again? 1950?


What is your spring style? I hate to be “The Devil Wears Prada” cliche, but my spring style is everything feminine, flowy and floral. On a moral ground, I am against tights, so my collection of vintage dresses and skirts go mostly unworn for the long, cold winter months. In spring, I go retro, but I love to pair funky, colorful vintage pieces with modern elements like sneakers and these new leather shorts I just bought.

What are you looking forward to about spring? I’m looking forward to traveling to New York City with a group of students through the School of Journalism and Communication. Mostly, I’m excited to spend lazy afternoons on my best friend’s roof watching the world go by.

What song is your spring jam? Tacocat’s new album, Lost Time, makes studying inside when it’s beautiful outside a little bit more manageable. “I Hate the Weekend” perfectly explains how I feel about the loud parties my neighbors throw Wednesday through Saturday night, which is their weekend.


I’m wearing Gap shorts and earrings from Guess. I bought the other two pieces traveling last summer. The top is from New Look, and I purchased the printed cardigan in Budapest. It made me feel like such a world traveler, but it was actually just from Zara.

What inspired your outfit? It’s basically the same outfit that I wear every single day but with an eccentric statement piece. I’m already mourning the loss of black jeans and sweaters. Spring is not my favorite season for clothes.

What is your spring style? My style becomes more bohemian in the spring and summer. I like Oregon though because you can still get away with wearing your winter sweaters over dresses or shorts by layering.

What are you looking forward to about spring? Longer days, campfires, trips to the coast and the general feeling of happiness on campus brought about by the warm weather.

What song is your spring jam?Temporary Love” by The Brinks because sometimes, you don’t want florals or upbeat music in the spring.

My jeans are from the infamous Eugene Jeans, my shirt is from the clearance section of Urban Outfitters and the headband is from a nice little beach shop in Mexico!


What inspired your outfit? My outfit today comes from a 2013 obsession with the show “Friends” and my weak 1997 memories of being held by my fashionable mother. I am obsessed with “mom jeans,” and I am so glad that I am able to wear them.

What is your spring style? I hope my spring style can be a little more zany than it was in the winter. In the winter, I bundled up in my raincoat pretty much every day, and I found myself wearing almost the same thing a lot. But the weather is nice now, and I am starting to do the unimaginable and wear dresses without tights (that is a big step for me!)

What are you looking forward to about spring? I am so excited to be able to be outside more and see the sun. I see so many flowers around, and it just makes me so happy. I am also so excited that the Saturday Market is here again! That is a weekly extravaganza for me.

What song is your spring jam? I could say something cool and hip, but I’d be totally lying if I didn’t say it is the entire cast recording of “Hamilton.” I’m really obsessed. I’ve also been getting really into “Bond” themes lately. They make walking to class seem really cool.

My dress is from Hollister; it was actually the first thing I ever bought from the store. I got my shoes online from Tobi. My bracelet is from Urban Outfitters, and I thrifted my earrings from a local shop in Florida. The metal on the bracelet was originally gold, but I’ve been wearing it for so long that the coating came off.


What inspired your outfit? I’ve always felt the most comfortable in neutrals, but I’ve been trying to really develop my personal style. So I’ve been experimenting with colors and patterns a lot more lately. I fell in love with the pattern of the dress and how well-tailored it is. I wanted to pair it with something that wouldn’t give my look an overall ‘70s vibe, so that’s why I paired it with more modern looking flats.

What is your spring style? This spring, I’m so looking forward to the looseness and flowyness of spring pieces. I saw a lot of loose pieces on the runway during fashion week, and I’m all about trends that mean I get to wear more comfortable stuff. I’m also living for off the shoulder stuff as well. It’s such a beautiful and refreshing way to show a little more skin, and I think it can never look anything but elegant. It’s the most overdone spring trend ever, but I’m going to rock the hell out of pastels as often as I can.

What are you looking forward to about spring? I’m dying to see the sun and be outside more this spring. This will be my first Oregon spring/summer, and it’s already amazing.

What song is your spring jam? Walking to class, I’ve been imagining myself having a good time with my friends in the sun with “Ridin Round” by Kali Uchis and “One Dance” by Drake on repeat.

My denim jumper is from Urban Outfitters, and my turtleneck sweater is from American Apparel. The shoes are Adidas, and the bracelets are from Etsy shops.


What inspired your outfit? This spring, I have been incorporating much more denim into my everyday style. The sun inspired my outfit more than anything else.

What is your spring style? My spring style involves lightweight, airy pieces combined with active shoes for exploring the outdoors.

What are you looking forward to about spring? This spring, I am looking forward to adventuring around Eugene and the greater Oregon area. Also, as this spring weather definitely contributes to more positive moods all around, I am excited to meet new people with optimistic outlooks.

What song is your spring jam? “Beat of My Drum” by POWERS.

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