Name: Lucca C.

Major: Architecture

Year: Graduate student

Hometown: Los Angeles, California


Lucca expertly layers a grey H&M t-shirt with a sweater from Karmaloop and an H&M long flannel. His pants are Cotton On. 

How did you become interested in architecture? I did furniture design for my undergraduate, so it seemed like a good next step.

What’s your dream job within architecture? I do interiors as well as architecture, so probably something that integrates interiors and furniture design.

How would you describe your style? Very comfortable. The most comfortable things available. I like really long things, so like long shirts, long tank tops. Things like that.

Who are your style inspirations? Kanye. I’m a big Kanye fan, so anything he is doing, I follow.

What’s your favorite Kanye song? You’ve put me on the spot. I’m obsessed with him, so his whole discography I like.

Do you think he would make a good president? Absolutely. I would vote for him because he’s for the people. He’s the people’s voice.


How has your style changed over time? It’s always changing, like every year, it’s something new. I always try to switch it up a little bit.

How have you dressed in the past? Well I’m from California, so just less [clothes] I guess. I’ve always been into long things, but now that I’m here, I get to wear all my coats and my jackets and my long attire.

Do you think you fit in more with the Pacific Northwest style? I don’t know. Maybe. I don’t know. I always have ties to L.A. I’m from L.A. So I guess I try to find a mix between both.

What has been the biggest adjustment to living in Oregon? Definitely the rain. It never rains in L.A. but it rains every day here.


His boots are Bass.

I love your hair. Can you tell me about it? When I was out of school, I worked for three years, so I didn’t have a lot of freedom with my personal style. So when I came back to school, I just decided to get crazy. So I’ve just been growing it out since September.

How do people usually respond to how you dress? People are always interested in it. My friends seem to like it. I always try to do something different I guess.

Why is it important for you to stand out? Because I’m very insecure. No [laughs]. No I guess it’s being in a place for a few years where I didn’t have that much creative freedom. So it’s good being back into it. So I’m kind of just going for it now.

What were you doing for those years? I worked for a plywood and lumber company.

So next to no creative freedom? Yeah, I had to be in an office and wear the same shirt every day. So, now I can get wild.

Are you inspired by the people around you? Absolutely. Everyone. I’m inspired by everything and everybody.


What are your layering tips? I usually go long to short. So I will usually go long shirt or a long tank top and then a short hoodie or a short flannel. I like having different steps to it I guess. So short, longer, longer.

Are there any new trends you have been into? I’m introducing the man skirt into the architecture department. A friend of mine and I sewed one a couple of weeks ago. I’m trying to integrate that into my friend group and see if they will also do it.

What was the inspiration to do that? Just comfort. I had been talking about it for awhile with my group of friends. I  was saying, “it just doesn’t make sense why it’s not in men’s fashion. It’s just the ultimate comfort one-piece, airy thing. It just doesn’t make sense why it hasn’t transferred over.”

Have you worn it out yet? I have.

Did you get any reactions? I did. People loved it. People were all for it, so it will make a comeback over the summer when it gets a little warmer.

What is the next evolution past the man skirt? I have these ideas for like jumpers, but just one thing. So you just have to put on one piece of clothing every day. Just really like female clothing in the man world, like jumpers or rompers that can be translated. It seems like not a lot of that has made its way into men’s fashion. But, I think it’s changing a little bit. I’m into Jayden Smith. He wears the skirts and the dresses. I’m into that.


Words and photos by Hannah Steinkopf-Frank, @HSteinkopfFrank

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