Dressed up Ducks takes: Willamette Valley Music Festival


The Willamette Valley Music Festival was a fun way to spend a sunny Saturday May 7th. The University of Oregon campus hosted two stages, art events and vendors from the previous week’s ASUO Street Faire and a few others. 


The festival featured local artists from the Northwest include pianist Alvin Johnson.


Some bands included students from UO like Trucks go Easy featured above.

 Face for Radio had a great brass section. 


Students seemed to be previewing their Sasquatch and other festival gear.


Name: Annalee N.IMG_1467

Year: Freshman

Major: English

Favorite band/song: Anything by Amy Winehouse

Unique concert experience: At the Wild Child concert, I had my hair in tiny buns on the top of my head, and after the band finished, the lead singer came up and went “boop boop” and grabbed them.

Does music play any particular role in your life? I think music plays a particular role in everybody’s life. I was a trained vocalist until graduating high school, and I even took opera lessons. As a poet, music is important because there is a really close relationship between music and poetry. It’s all about the rhythm.

What inspired your outfit? Trying to stay cool temperature-wise. I put yellow eyebrows on this morning thinking what goes with yellow eyebrows? Flowers.

Annalee’s overalls are from Forever 21. She made the top herself out of a tablecloth from Goodwill, and her shoes are from the Converse Kids collection.


Concertgoers relaxed in the grass in front of the main stage.


Name: Kestrel B. IMG_3122

Year: Freshman

Major: Biology

What is your favorite band? The Beatles because I grew up listening to them and they were my childhood. “Revolver” is my favorite album. None of the modern music would exist without them!

What is the best musical experience that you have ever had? Going to Ringo Starr’s All-Starr band concert in Eugene a few years ago.

What inspired your outfit today? So, my grandpa used to have a hat like this, and I couldn’t bring it to school, because it was 50 years old, and it would have gotten lost. And so anytime I have an excuse to wear a hat similar to this, I do. I found my sunglasses at a store, and they remind me of, like, John Lennon meets MoonChild. This outfit is comfortable and good for the sun.

 Kestrel’s sunglasses are from a street fair in Tillamook, and her hat is from Forever 21. 


Thach wore a shirt that he bought at the ASUO Street Faire from Modern Tribe. The brand works with tribes and cultural leaders to create designs that reduce the amount of cultural appropriation in today’s fashion. 

Name: Alaska Yokota IMG_3799

Major: Psychology and Human Physiology

Year: Freshman

What’s your favorite band? ODESZA or Flume, one of them.

And your favorite song by them? MY favorite ODESZA song, that’s really hard. I think on of them is called Koto, that one is really good.

Have you ever seen them live? Yeah, I saw them last year at the end of the year over winter break. It was really cool.

What has been your favorite musical experience? Ooo, dang! I’ve gone to so many concerts, to choose one is so hard. I went to Wango Tango for a radio station a long time ago and I got to meet a bunch of celebrities and I loved it.

How do you experience music? Sometimes I’ll try to sing and dance, I can play guitar sometimes. Other than that I just love dancing and listening to it.

Alaska’s striped shorts are from Forever 21 and her hat is from Nordstrom. Her sunglasses are from Pacsun.


 We caught up with a couple ducks who have been previously featured on the blog. Holly pairs pink cowboy boots with patterned shorts and a simple top. Check out Holly’s article from the early days of Dressed up Ducks here!


Keeping with the western theme, she wore a bolo tie as a necklace. 

Khahlela kept it simple with a long floral dress. 



The energy picked up by the end of the night starting with the string rhythms of Hill Stomp


SOL on stage towards the end of the night. 


Written and photographed by Elinor Manoogian-O’Dell, @ElinormODell , Taylor Griggs, @taylorjgriggs, and Kendra Siebert, @kendraesiebert, and Hailey Woram, @hworam_

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