Christiana and Maitreya

Names: Christiana S. and Maitreya B.

Year: Freshman

Majors: Christiana studies biology, and Maitreya studies advertising.

Hometowns: Christiana is from Dana Point, California, and Maitreya is from Portland, Oregon.


Christiana (left) wears a shirt from Forever 21 and jeans from Rag & Bone. Maitreya wears white pants and holds her black bomber jacket, both from Forever 21. Her shirt is from Urban outfitters. 

How do you two know each other? 

Christiana: We live on the same floor.

Maitreya: We are like two doors down.

How would each of you describe your personal style?

Christiana: I definitely like fall clothes better. I live, breath and will probably die in jeans. Everything about jeans, I absolutely love. It’s rarely ever that anyone will find me out of the house not in a pair of jeans.

Maitreya: I’m really into simple colors right now, like beiges and all that stuff. I feel like the more basic, like just a few tones, is better. I just like black and white, and that’s usually what I find myself in.

How did both of you choose your majors?

Christiana: I actually volunteer right now at a transition middle school for kids who are kind of behind or don’t really fit into the normal school mode, and that really just helped me decide: okay I love these students. I love teaching them. I love pouring into them. So, I knew I wanted to be a teacher, and I’ve always had a knack for science. So, I’m thinking marine bio. So right now I’m going to school for bio to become a high school science teacher.

Maitreya: I came here thinking I was going to do the FSH program (Family and Human Services), and then I took a super general journalism course, and I fell in love with it. I talked to some people and figured out what I could do with a journalism major, and I don’t think I’m going to change. I’m in love with it.

Maitreya’s dad, who runs a jewelry business, made her rings. Christiana’s belt is from Urban Outfitters. 

What’s a dream job for you? 

Maitreya: Working for something like Adidas on the traveling side. I really want to travel. I want to be able to do something with Adidas and fashion within advertising and being able to work at their hubs in London and all that stuff.

Who are both of your style inspirations?

Christiana: Does Pinterest count? I feel I spend way too much time there for so many different things. I like Pinterest because I don’t read magazines. I don’t feel we are in the generation of magazines anymore. It’s nice. It’s all mobile, so I can just sit there when I’m bored and I’m waiting for class to start and need to do something. I just find myself on there. Sometimes I will find it open on my computer and my phone at the same time. So, I have a problem.

What are your favorite pins? 

Christiana: My favorite ones are the ones for homes. Before teaching, I wanted to do interior design, so a lot of home stuff. I also like the tattoos. I don’t have any. I want one. I’m on the fence still about the whole idea of it being permanently on my body. It kind of wigs me out, but I love the way that they look, and there are so many that I think are so pretty. DSC_9773

Maitreya’s unique key ring is from Nationale in Portland. 

What is your dream tattoo?

Christiana: Well, there are a few that I’ve thought about getting. There is one that is on my arm, and there is one that I thought about maybe putting on my back or side. I love floral tattoos. I think they are really really pretty. They are very feminine in a cool way.

Who are your style inspirations Maitreya? I look on websites and blogs and stuff. I always like to keep up with sneakers and just that kind of stuff. I look on High Snobiety a lot. I love jackets. That’s like my thing right now: nice, fancy jackets with just a simple outfit and nice shoes.

Maitreya’s jacket is from Forever 21. She added the NASA patch for a personal touch. 

Has your style changed since you came to college?

Christiana: Yeah, I think so in some ways. I guess I could say I’ve been getting more girly since coming to college. Before, I didn’t wear as many dresses, and now, especially with the weather getting warmer, I’m excited to bring out dresses and wear those more. I think it’s also been nice because it’s been able to grow up a little bit more since high school. I find myself looking forward to the times I get to dress up and wear things that are maybe a little bit more business casual, but are still nice. It’s nice because I feel like an adult, and I think my clothes kind of express that too.

Maitreya: I used to wear a lot more colors, and I try to stay more simple. I used to wear a lot of jeans, and I have steered clear of jeans. I used to only wear black jeans, black skinny jeans with rips in them. And I just never wear jeans anymore because with loose, comfortable pants, there is nothing better. Being comfortable I feel like is something that I choose also. If I want to look good, I feel like I’m also comfortable.

Christiana’s shoes are from Forever 21. Maitreya’s are classic Vans 

Do you think you stand out?

Maitreya: I feel like a lot of people here only wear athletic gear. So, because of that, a lot of girls are always like, “You’re so dressed up.” I’m like, “It is just as easy to put on pants and a shirt as it is to put on leggings and a hoodie.” It’s really just as easy. But I think there are a lot more kids here who have more expensive stuff or it catches your eye. Brighter stuff.



Are you inspired by each other’s style?

Christiana: I think so. I think it’s nice because we definitely have different styles. I feel like I’ve totally seen your (Maitreya’s) simple colors and stuff going on lately. But I think you have inspired me more to go more towards the comfy clothes and realize I don’t have to wear jeans all the time. But then she also has this denim dress, and I loved it, and I ended up actually owning a denim dress. Oh and like jeans, there is the denim again. But I think it has been nice too because I come from southern California and she’s from Portland, and the styles are completely different. I didn’t realize how different it was coming to Oregon and thinking, “Wow there are so many different things that I don’t know about,” which has been kind of cool.

What’s a song both of you are digging right now?

Christiana: “Bridge Burn” by Little Comets. I texted her about it the other day actually. I heard it driving back from Portland. I was like, “This song is amazing!”


Maitreya and Christiana are both wearing chokers that Maitreya made from chord she bought at the craft store. They can be knotted in the back, like Maitreya is wearing, or tied in a bow in the front, like Christiana’s. 

Christiana: Also Beyonce’s new album.

Maitreya: I can’t listen to it now because I just can’t stop it.

Christiana: She listened to it for like five hours. Every time I would walk by her room, she would be playing it.

Maitreya: I was like tearing up.

Christiana: I didn’t think it was something I could listen to on the daily, and then I found myself on the daily being like, “I need to hear this song.”

Are you doing a lot of crafting now?

Maitreya: Not really. This year, I’ve made a bunch of macramé plant hangers and stuff. I made these (chokers) because I saw some of them online. But there is no point in buying something like this when you can just make it super easily. I’m painting like watercolors and stuff. It’s usually just for my room to decorate.


What outfit do you want to cope from the video?

Maitreya: It’s so beautiful. My roommate’s sister had a Lemonade themed party. It was all light and flowy. That’s not my style really, but I guess maybe for dressing up. I really like the whole baggy dresses right now. I think if you’re going to wear the ones that are biggish and almost like smocks, you can dress them up with nice jewelry and stuff.

Christiana: I wish that I had the hair to pull it off, but the Beyonce when she has the really long braids towards the end of “Sorry” in the video. Her hair is really long, and I just thought they were so cool. I could probably not pull them off the same way that she does, but I love it when people can pull things off that I wish I could. I love it when people take old ’70s clothes and kind of make them new and incorporate them into a more modern look. I can’t do that because I’m short and those flair jeans don’t happen, but at the same time, I’m like, “That looks so great.”

What do you both like about fashion and dressing up?

Maitreya: I love that it is a way that you can kind of create yourself. You can feel really good about yourself, and it’s just kind of a way to portray yourself without introducing yourself to people. It’s a way for people to understand a little bit about you.

Christiana: You only get one first impression, and I think that it’s kind of cool when you see people, and it just makes you more presentable in a way as well. I just find that when I don’t wear sweats out of the house or when I don’t put on a hoodie, I’m more productive. Because I feel like, “Wow. I am ready for the world with what I’m wearing. Throughout whatever I do, I know I’m set and good to go.”

DSC_9755 copy

Words and photos by Hannah Steinkopf-Frank, @HSteinkopfFrank

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