Annie T.

Name: Annie T.

Major: Political Science

Year: Senior

Hometown: Roseburg, Oregon


Annie creates a casual, chic ensemble signifying that color-blocking is still a relevant trend.

Where are your favorite places to shop? Nordstrom, definitely Nordstrom. I really like the brand Lush there, but I just went shopping last weekend and saw they had more Brandy Melville items, which I was excited about. I’m from Oregon, so you don’t really see that brand very often.


Gladiator sandals add texture and depth to this look.

How would you describe your style? That’s a good question. I don’t normally dress like this, I wear Nikes and leggings. My roommates call it sporty spice, but that’s not how I’m dressed today. I prefer comfort over style, and I’m not that into fashion.

How do you think your style developed? Honestly from my mom. I used to wear a lot of my mom’s clothes from the 70s, so a lot of my stuff in high school was retro, then I upgraded as I got older. I would say I wear simple things, like classic colors. I don’t do a lot of patterns or print, I normally do color-blocking.

Do you have a song or band that describes your style? I really like Alabama Shakes the band, so their music and type of genre describes me. I feel like my style is pretty laid-back unless I’m going out and more glam. My style often fluctuates with what I’m doing.


Annie said she felt girly going for this look, as it is not her usual style. She says she usually wears a sporty, comfortable outfit for running around campus.

Is there a trend you hate? Is there a trend you love? High-waisted shorts. Mainly because I can’t wear them on my body type and it makes me frustrated. I love rose gold though, I’m obsessed with it.The Fossil outlet is my favorite store at Woodburn.

If you could change anything about the fashion industry, what would you change? I would say sizing, because I’m more curvy. So more younger-looking styles for junior sections, and expanding the junior sizes instead of having to shop in the adult clothes. If you don’t fit in you have to go outside and it feels exclusive. That should change.

Photos by Lindsey Epifano, @lindseyepifano
Words by Melissa Epifano, @melissaepifano


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