Kira S.

Name: Kira S.

Year: Senior

Major: Business

Hometown: Portland, Oregon

IMG_7923Kira styles a flowy top from Janelle James Boutique with some Topshop denim for a trendy look.

How would you describe your personal style? I would say my personal style is casual chic.  I love classic looks and anything leather!

IMG_7933Kira has perfected the art of the “tuck-in,” a super trendy way to style blouses.

Do you have any personal style icons you look up to? I really love the style blog “We Wore What” by Danielle.  I follow her Instagram and her snapchat where she posts different outfits each day.  She has an incredible wardrobe!  I also really love Pau Dictado who is a fashion blogger based in LA.  She is a street style fast fashion girl.  Totally different from Danielle’s high fashion.  I love getting inspiration from both areas of fashion to create my own style!

IMG_7938 Her boho-inspired choker is from Forever21.

What inspires your outfits each day? It usually depends on what I’m doing that day.  I definitely feel better if I am wearing a put together outfit.  I try to use my style as a way to project what I’m going to accomplish and how I want people to perceive me.  So, if I have a test I will try to wear an outfit that makes me feel powerful and confident.

IMG_7931Her Michael Kors bag is a statement piece that pulls everything together.

If you could change the fashion industry in any way how would you do it? I wouldn’t change anything.  I am really excited to hear about the changes in policies regarding models weight and health.  I also love that Instagram has become a great platform for people to express their interest in fashion.

IMG_7930Kira’s sweet ankle strap heels are from ALDO.

Do you have a piece of clothing or accessory that you treasure or love the most? I am obsessed with shoes!  Black booties are my favorite shoes to rock, I have about 10 different pairs for different occasions.  I always feel more confident when I’m wearing a good pair of shoes.


Photos and words by Melissa Epifano, @melissaepifano

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