Name: Alandra M.

Year: Senior

Major: Fine Art

Hometown: San Diego, California



Alandra pairs an Urban Outfitters lace top with a PacSun denim jacket and jeans from Nordstrom for an edgy yet wearable look.

Do you have any style go-tos or favorite trends? I love jeans, pants and booties. I feel like I really only own booties. It’s kind of a problem. I mainly lean towards black and other neutrals, since that’s what I’m most comfortable in, and I feel bold, strong and like my truest self.

What is your artistic focus? I work primarily in photography, printmaking and drawing. A lot of my work is female- and fashion-based, which I would love to use as a way to integrate myself into the magazine industry.

 She accessorizes with bracelets from Sun Diego and Alex and Ani and rings from many different boutiques.

What do you hope to do within the industry? By working within the industry, I would like to advocate for what it truly means to be a woman and break the boundaries of the “ideal” pretty face and social stereotype.

Has your style changed since moving to Oregon and pursuing a career within an artistic field? I think it’s developed in a more sophisticated way because when I was younger, I didn’t really care, and since I used to be a dancer, I typically wore sweats. Once I came to college and started developing a better sense of who I was, I became more interested in putting myself together and representing myself in a new way. I know that people say “If you look good on the outside, you feel good on the inside,” or “What you wear or what you look like is who you are,” and I don’t necessarily feel like that’s the only thing. Still, I do think that if it helps you carry through what you want or pursue what you want to pursue and if that’s your way to express yourself, then go for it.


Alandra steps her look up with chic black Nordstrom detailed booties.

As a soon-to-be-graduated senior, do you have any advice for current students trying to get more involved in groups and form connections within and beyond Eugene? I like to encourage people to get out of their comfort zone while still not straying from what they love. So, pursue what you love, find what you love and form connections. Get out of your box and try to talk to people that you wouldn’t normally talk to, specifically within your field. Reach out and collaborate with others because you never know what you can create together. I think that people who aren’t willing to collaborate are really setting themselves back, and I feel like within the photography field, or any creative field, getting to know other people – whether it’s over a cup of coffee or working together on a project – you will learn so much more about that field, about yourself, what you want and your interests, and you might even come away with a finalized project as well.


Any final advice or thoughts? Here’s the thing: If you feel the drive, and you feel like you’ve found something that you need, just push for it. I wasted a lot of time in college, especially in the beginning. I now realize that I wasn’t putting my passions first – I was putting my social life and the general college experience first, which is fine, but I feel like I could have gotten so much more done, and I could have gone so much further if I had really dedicated myself the way I have been these past two years.
Words and photos by Kendra Siebert, @kendraesiebert


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