4rName: Devyn H.

Year: Junior

Major: Advertising

Hometown: Salem, Oregon



Devyn sports a comfortable spring look with an Urban Outfitters t-shirt and pants from Madewell (similar here). 

Why did you decide to study advertising? Because I kind of messed around with art, and I did a lot of business in high school, so I feel it’s kind of the perfect mix.

How did you get into the art aspect of advertising? Well, I want to be a creative director, so I want to come up with the ideas for the advertisements – not necessarily actually create them or come up with the base concept – but be on the grander scale.

Does what you study relate to how you dress? I would say so. In the ad school, you kind of have to dress to impress a lot, and I feel if you’re a stylish person, people respect you a little bit more especially in design and creativity and stuff like that. What you put out there is what people take in.

How would you describe your personal style? I would say it is laid back, classic, chic.


Her Sabona bracelet was thrifted and supposedly helps with arthritis. 

How has your style changed over time? I feel like I was super sporty in high school. I played a lot of sports. Then come college, I got into a lot more music and art, so I fell into the more creative, weirder styles. So, now I’m in this weird half. I really like city looks plus that laid back look.

Who are some of your style inspirations? I love performance art. One thing I feel is that your style is kind of like performance art. I like to pick up on things that have a deeper meaning to them in the way I dress. So a lot of times, it describes how I’m feeling. I wear a lot of black, not to be depressed, but with the weather and stuff like that, I feel like that’s a super big inspiration. I love to look at websites and then from that, get a lot of inspiration. I’m really into Madewell right now and Anthropologie. I really like that one because it’s weirder, but you can kind of dress it up or down for classic, kind of alternative wear.

Is your style shifting with the warmer weather? Definitely. I’m going from a lot of leggings because I’m religiously into leggings during the winter time, strictly black or dark grey. I do that with a colorful top. Now, I’m into super flowy pants, and I’m really into flowy shorts too. Anything flowy and light and not constricting, I feel that’s the perfect summer look.

Devyn rocks simple, playful jewelry including a ring from Madewell (similar here) and a lucky clover necklace from Dogeared (similar here).

Do you think there has been a shift from tight clothes like skinny jeans and bodycon dresses to looser garments? Definitely. I’m way into it too, because I feel like it is one of those things that you don’t have to feel as uncomfortable in. A lot of different body styles can fit into them and look the same, so it’s a great outfit choice.

What music are you digging right now? I’ve been really into classic ’90s. It’s really weird, because I feel it’s not normal to like that. But I’ve been really into it. My Pandora is all classic ’90s or early 2000s, which is kind of strange. But, I feel the the way I dress and the clothes and everything is super inspired by it right now. So, I think I’m fully diving into it.

Are there any artists in particular? I love Sublime. They are my favorite right now, especially with the warm weather. I think that’s the perfect ’90s sound. I actually just bought tickets to blink-182 because they are coming to Portland, and I’m super stoked about it, because I’m super into them right now – just the classic, poppy, vibey bands.


Her earrings are from Madewell (similar here). 

Why do you think the ’90s are coming back, both in music and fashion? I feel the ’70s have also been really popular lately. I think it is such a difference from the tight clothes that have been so popular, like tight crop tops and tight pants and all the fitted things. I think it is coming out of that into looser, groovier kinds of styles.

How are you inspired by the ’90s? Definitely the jogger pants. I’m super into those right now, and I feel that is definitely ’90s. I’m really into overalls. I’m loving overalls and the baseball cap. I feel that is classic. Boyfriend jeans, those are really in. Just really plain and baggy. Like plain white shirts and plain black shirts, I wear those all the time. That is my thing right now, any just plain tee I love. I think it makes an outfit because you can dress it up or dress it down. I think that’s perfect.

Are there any trends you want to try? I want to get into the high heeled sandals, but it’s hard in college because it is one of those things if people see you in high heels, they think, “Oh that’s kind of strange.” Like the platform sandal,  it’s something you have to commit to, but I’m not sure if I can dive in yet.


Her minimalist sandals are from DSW. 

Do you think there is a stereotype of dressing casual on the West Coast? Oh definitely, but I feel there is definitely the classic Oregon girl who wears the leggings with her Nikes and a long sleeved shirt and a vest with a baseball hat or something like an Oregon cap. So, it is pretty laid back in that way. But in the ad school and in a couple of different departments, I think it really is dependent on what major you are in as to what you wear and things like that. Because definitely in the ad department, people dress New York style and really dress up.

Why do you think you stand out from that Pacific Northwest style? Probably because I don’t see myself here in the future. I feel like I’m always from Oregon, so whereas a lot of people want to go to Portland and stick with that style, I think that I have greater views beyond just Oregon. I love Oregon, but I want to go farther than that. I think my style shows a larger culture.


Words and photos by Hannah Steinkopf-Frank, @HSteinkopfFrank

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