Dressed Up Ducks Takes Sasquatch! 2016: Festival Style

The takeaway fashion trend at this year’s Sasquatch! Music Festival? Make it big. As we found at last year’s festival,the long weekend is a chance to experiment with the sort of clothes that are usually only worn for Halloween. This year, though, festivalgoers took their outfits to the next level, often avoiding culturally appropriative garments (luckily, bindis are now mostly out of style for white people.) Instead, they expressed their creativity through carefully crafted looks that fit the general over the top festival aesthetic, of course with the beautiful backdrop of the Columbia Gorge.


Every morning, I heard the college girls camping next to me figure out their outfits for the day. It was a collective experience with each contributing opinions on whether the wide-brim, floppy hat really worked with the white lace dress. When making the 15-minute trek to the festival grounds, the festivalgoers were an expressively dressed army, wearing colorful leggings, flowing garments and always practical shoes. Inside the festival, instead of being a distraction from the music, the flamboyant outfits were a complement to the artists, who are more embracing aspects of festival culture (even Sufjan Stevens and Grimes had backup dancers.)


While the costumes were put away until next year, I hope that some of the festival fashion will continue into the real world. There is nothing wrong with adding a bit of flair, especially to your finals style. As we head into the last week of school before summer, music festival whimsy might be just what is needed to get through that last test or paper. You can almost hear the pounding bass and sense the impending mosh pit.

MEK_4437These pants were the largest trend of the festival. It seemed everyone wore patterned, tight bell-bottoms at least one day during the weekend. 


White, flowy garments were comfortable during the hot, long days. 

MEK_3790Keeping it loose: perfect for dancing! 

MEK_4435A different way to do all white. 

MEK_2596Hats were a common accessory to deal with the weather and avoid sunburn! 

MEK_4575Another cute hat with fun, glittery sandals. 

-2Black boots with bobbie socks were well-suited footwear for the dusty festival grounds.

MEK_8621Friends often coordinated their outfits. 

MEK_3803Other groups decided to rock contrasting looks. 

MEK_4258 All black was a courageous choice. MEK_7498Bell-bottoms of all styles replaced the skinny pant. 

MEK_3811In general, ’70s fashions were all the rage.

MEK_4637Some went all out, combining a variety of styles.

MEK_6173An emoji t-shirt is totally 2016, though. 

MEK_5190Velvet and fur in the festival heat? Impressive.

MEK_6803Another courageous velvet look featuring the popular mom jeans.

MEK_4628Love these colorful shorts. 

When it came to accessories, there was no lack of great sunglasses. 

MEK_9550 MEK_6806Practical trends like socks and cute backpacks ruled the festival. 

MEK_4152But what was the classiest accessory of Sasquatch! 2016? MEK_3493This camping vehicle. Until next year…

Words and photos by Hannah Steinkopf-Frank, @HSteinkopfFrank

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