Name: Vincent H.

Year: Junior

Major: Cinema Studies

Minor: Media Studies

Hometown: Portland, Oregon

Vincent’s shirt is a chambray from Land’s End, and his shorts are from Old Navy, which he describes as, “H&M, except the clothes don’t fall apart on you in six months.”

How would you describe your aesthetic? I think I’d describe my aesthetic as somewhere between a dad and a beer snob. I don’t dress up a lot. I like being comfortable in a button-up and shorts or a simple t-shirt and jeans. Never anything too flashy, save some date night or formal event pieces.

Are there new clothing items you hope to see in your closet soon? If so, what are you looking for? This isn’t necessarily a new item, but I’d love to feel comfortable in a cardigan. I think they look very cute and add so much style to a regular top or dress shirt. The issue is that I roll up my sleeves all the time. It’s compulsory and I can’t help it, but it feels a lot better. With a sweater rolled up, sleeves work, but I think it doesn’t work as well considering how light and low-cut a cardigan already is.

10Vincent picked up his hat at Zumiez. Upon purchase, he was pleased to find out that he’s a “hat-wearing kinda guy!”

Who or what influences your fashion? Tumblr and Twitter give me a lot of inspiration about fashion and give me some ideas about how I want to dress. I just think seeing all these cute natural kids looking comfortable in their own skin and wearing what they want to wear is so inspiring and so important. So ultimately, I want to find that in myself.

What does fashion mean to you? Fashion to me is a way to express yourself, but in a much different way than it usually means. Art – you can express what you think about and how you handle life – but fashion, it’s a conscious or sometimes unconscious extension of who you physically are. You wear the things that define you. You show yourself as something through your outfit. It’s literally unavoidable to see, and almost everyone I know has an opinion or an idea about what looks good on themselves or others. Fashion is who we are in a very basic form, but it’s also what we choose to be. That’s why I love wearing things I’m comfortable in. I want others to see that and feel comfortable or understand that I’m not trying to put on a show in my English class. Seriously, are we done wearing suits to the first day of class?

7On his wrist, Vincent sports a Pebble Steel Smartwatch that allows him to view his iPhone notifications as well as send quick replies without having to pull out his phone. He says, “It’s not a life changing thing, but it makes my day at least 2% easier, and that’s worth something.” 

If you could swap closets with anyone for a day, who would you swap with? If I could choose, I’d probably want to swap closets with either Kanye West; Tyler, the Creator; or Jaden Smith. Kanye’s look is so minimalist, and honestly, I feel like he just rolls around in his pajamas while wearing Yeezys. Tyler has this amazing range of color and style, and Jaden can rock a skirt and look flawless in whatever they’re wearing.

What one song describes your style and demeanor? It may be because I’ve listened to it so frequently over the last couple weeks, but “Season 2 Episode 3” by Glass Animals comes to mind. It sounds super like someone took an old Super Nintendo game and mixed it with an organ. Video games are pretty important to me, so I appreciate when music can emulate some of those traits without being overwhelming or tacky. Plus, the track is so calm, and it feels like you’re walking through cold air on the way to somewhere warm. I see a lot of that in myself and how I present myself. Just listen to that whole album. It’s gold.

8Vincent’s shoes are a classic choice from Vans. 

Do you have a favorite color palette when it comes to clothes? If so, what colors are your favorites and why? I don’t usually stick to a color palette, actually. I think my clothes are blues and blacks just by coincidence or comfort. I wear black because it’s easy and blue because it’s inviting, but I don’t think either of those are my colors. I just wear what looks good and feels good, both physically and mentally.

What fall trend are you excited to wear? I’m excited to put on the frumpiest sweaters I own and walk around looking like a colorful deployed airbag. Sweaters are what I live for, and I don’t wear them enough. I need more, so hit ya boy up with them sweater prospects! Seriously though, my favorite fall trend is people dressing up all cozy and carrying warm drinks, and I hope this year is as chilly as it’s ever been.

What’s your fashion plan for the new school year? Do you see your style changing? I see my style adopting a lot more of this vibe. Once the weather cools off and I can stand walking around in a long-sleeved top, I imagine myself wearing more button-ups and sweaters. I’ve had this idea of finding a nice gradient sweater, but I have no idea where to even look for one.

Words and Photos by Miranda Sarah Einy, @MIRANDWA

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