Name: Laneate V.

Year: Freshman

Major: Advertising

Hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota


Laneate’s jacket is from Forever 21, her jeans along with her shoes are from St. Vinnie’s Thrift Store and her top is from a local thrift store in Minnesota.

What inspired your outfit today? Well I’m lazy so this is actually just the outfit I wore yesterday.

How has fashion effected your life? I’ve always loved fashion. When I was younger, I always told people I wanted to be a fashion designer. After time however I realized that “fast fashion” is awful and non-sustainable, which is why I shop locally by thrifting. If I want to buy something corporate, I make sure that it’s cheap or from last season.


The pins on her jacket were given to her as a gift, the rose patch is from PacSun and she embroidered the cactus patch herself.

What is your mindset when looking for new clothing? I really just try to find eccentric pieces that you can’t find anywhere else.


Her earrings are guitar picks refurbished into earrings with Vincent Van Gogh’s painting “The Bedroom” printed on them.

Is there anything that you’ve been trying to find recently? I’m on the hunt for some flare or corduroy pants! They sound so ugly, but I think I could style them in a cool way. 


Laneate always accessorizes with various rings, her watch and handmade bracelets.

Are there any trends that you’ve noticed on campus since starting school? I really hate Birkenstocks and the whole Adidas trend. I’m just not into it. That being said, I also have followed trends like that before and can relate to the appeal.

What are your fall wardrobe staples? My favorite fall pieces are anything that’s yellow, red, or orange. I’m also really into long skirts right now too, but honestly my style isn’t really determined by season.

What is the meaning behind your tattoos? Growing up, my dad’s family would grow their own flowers and vegetables in the summer and sell them at farmers markets. This tattoo was inspired by my grandma’s favorite flower, snapdragons. It also reminds me of summertime, Minnesota, my family and to always work hard. I actually got it done three days before I moved to Eugene.

Can you tell me anything about your other tattoo? Well it’s a tattoo of Minnesota. Ironically, I got it done in Oregon. My friend and I were texting one day, and we both just decided to go and get them done.


Words and Photos by Brooke Harman, @brooke_harman

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