Name: Abby H.

Year: Freshman

Major: Undecided, studying French and Japanese

Hometown: Portland, Oregon


Abby is ready for fall, layering an Urban Outfitters skirt and sweater with a scarf from Aritzia. 

What do you like about studying languages? It’s always been a subject that’s clicked really well for me, so I think that’s why I tend to take the most classes relating to it. I wasn’t really going for a B.S. I’m pretty bad at math.

What do you like about French and Japanese? I always grew up going to Asian marts as a kid, so Japanese was kind of my first pick when I got into high school and there were more language options. French I picked because I like the culture and I’m a big foodie. So France seems like the place to be for that.

How would you describe your personal style? Like oriental rugs and old libraries. I kind of like grandma fashion, but a little bit more young and modern. I like fall colors. Honestly my summer fashion is horrible. I have one pair of shorts. I love to layer, so fall and winter fashion are the best for me.

What’s a clothing item or style you’ve been excited to try? I love incorporating fox fur. I have a lot of fur wraps and fur-lined jackets. I think that’s a really cute kind of vintage look.

Who are some of your style inspirations? Audrey Hepburn. I’m rocking the Hepburn bangs. Just kind of old ’50s and ’60s looks.


She wears classic Dr. Martens. 



Where are your favorite places to stop? I really like Aritzia. American Apparel is good. I thrift when I can because “fashion on a budget.”

How has your style changed over time? I used to be a big jeans and t-shirts kid, and I was kind of a tomboy. But then I got really into fashion when I started looking at Lolita fashion, which is super girly and Victorian. So after that, I decided to put a bit more effort into my day to day outfits.

Have you noticed people look at you differently as you’ve started to put in more effort? I get a lot more free drinks. Not a ton. I think I get taken a bit more seriously when I’m in a business setting or working with teachers than I would if I were in a hoodie and wearing scrappy jeans and sneakers. But not too much.

Do you think you stand out from the Oregon style because you put more effort in? Definitely. I think I stand out a lot more when I’m walking down Hawthorne Street in Portland or something because I think I look a bit more formal.

What do you like about that? Do you like feeling like you’re standing out? Yes because I think it’s fun. I mainly just love to dress up. It’s a passion for me. It’s so fun. It’s such a nice hobby. So maybe if I didn’t even stand out, I’d still do it for sure.


Her trendy choker is from Etsy. 

How do you think makeup fits into that? I think I started getting into makeup when I started doing costume makeup. I would first do a lot of doll makeup and crazy eyeliner. So after that, I started on the day to day became more normal as I got faster. I think doing my makeup now it takes like half an hour where it used to take me forever. So it’s part of the daily routine I guess.

What’s your best makeup trick? With my eyeliner, the way that I go faster, is that I have a felt tip eyeliner to do the main arch over the eyelid. And when I do the wings, I have a paintbrush that I use with a clay eyeliner, and that gets the wings really sharp. And honestly, when I get super frustrated, I take a micron pen, and I fixed the wings just with an art pen.

Do you do drawings? I do a lot of ink work and stippling. I really like old botanical illustrations, and I think that’s what got me into it. So ever since then, I’ve been really into doing hyperrealism and stippling. Hatching is a bit harder for me. It’s where you use mostly lines and crosses. Where stippling is just little dots that slowly make a picture. I did a lot of art when I was in high school. I was in AP art for two years, so that was my thing.

Does being an artistic person carry into how you dress? For sure. Honestly, once I got super involved with art and all my classes and aestheticism and all the other studies, it just starts bleeding over into the rest of your life. You think, “I can’t look at something without critiquing the aesthetic value.”



Have you traveled anywhere that’s inspired your fashion? Yeah I’ve been to Japan twice and going through Harajuki is always such an amazing experience because there are so many crazy fashion trends down there. I always bring $300 for Japan just for Harajuku.

What have you bought? I’ve bought super extravagant Victorian dresses that are all lacy and stuff. They’re so fun. I’ve also gotten really into Harajuku fashion with lollypop earrings and tons of chokers and bracelets and stuff.

If you could steal anyone’s closet, whose would you steal? I would steal Rihanna’s closet, but I couldn’t pull it off. I would just look at it.


Her gold ring was given to her by her dad when she was an infant and now only fits on her pinky finger. Her silver ring is from Silverado, California. 



What do you like about her style? It’s just so interesting. I love how much she uses baby pink, and that’s a really hard color for me to work with because I have a warmer more red skin tone. So when it comes to wearing pinks, I have to go more dusty kind of grey purple pinks. But I love how much baby pink she wears. I think that’s awesome.

What would you like your style to evolve to? I don’t know. I think I really like it as is, but once I have a steady job,and I have a higher income, I’d like to have a bigger variety of outfits. I currently have a pretty limited wardrobe, so my outfits are pretty similar day to day

What would be a dream job? Oh that’s tough. I’ve got like eight dream jobs. I’d love to be an artist. I’d love to be an illustrator. I think it would also be really fun to do advertising work for Urban Outfitters or for other fashion companies and stuff. I also think translating would be really cool because of traveling.


Words and photos by Hannah Steinkopf-Frank, @HSteinkopfFrank


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