Name: Becca S.

Year: Freshman

Major: Undeclared, but considering advertising, public relations or journalism

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

dsc_4788Becca is ready for fall with a jacket from Urban Outfitters, a Forever 21 top and an ASOS skirt. 

How did you develop your interest in communications? I’ve always just been really interested in writing. I’m definitely still searching and seeing what the best fit for me is. I just enjoy exploring writing and seeing what you can do with it. It’s just so cool.

Have you noticed any differences between L.A. style and Oregon style? Definitely. I think it’s very different. I think everybody here, they don’t really care about what they’re wearing. It’s very authentic I think. Everybody just has their own style. I think that’s really cool because in Los Angeles, a lot of people just care about the trends. There, it’s less about what you’re interested in, and here, it’s more about what style makes you happy. I think that’s something really cool about it: everybody just has their own authentic style.

Are there any specific Oregon trends that you want to incorporate? Everyone here wears Birkenstocks. I feel that’s a huge trend. I’ve been wanting to get some, but I’m also a little bit hesitant. I’ve also been seeing a lot of people with floral pants, just the really flowy material. I think that’s really cute.

How would you describe your personal style? I would say I’m a little bit girly and ’90s. I like a little bit of retro, but also a lot of feminine pieces like skirts and tops. So a little bit of a mix.

dsc_4775Her retro-inspired boots are from ASOS.

What are some trends you’ve been into recently? I just got some cheetah print boots, which I’m obsessed with. One of the really big trends right now is the denim with the rips on the bottom. It’s so cute.

If you could have anyone’s closet, whose closet would you want to have? Maybe Vanessa Hudgens’. I just love how boho she is. I feel that’s always been something I’ve tried to incorporate. I just love all the maxi dresses that are just so effortless. She’s so cool.

Do you have any other inspirations? I love fashion websites. I go to Who What Wear. I’m obsessed with that one, just looking at the different trends and celebrities. I also like Teen Vogue and different magazines.

Has fashion played a role in your transition to college? Yeah, definitely. I think just moving into college, it was a little bit weird because I feel I went through a little bit of a style change just because the weather here is so different. It was going from Los Angeles, where it’s always sunny, to being able to see the side of myself where I’m always dressing for fall. The different weather definitely plays a role in my style.

dsc_4778This was a “laundry day” outfit for Becca.

Is there a song that describes your style? I think anything by Amy Winehouse. I’ve been obsessed with her for the longest time, and I feel she is such a badass. I like to incorporate that into my style. Just the fact that she is so effortless and cool, I think that’s such a great thing to incorporate into your clothes.

Is there a particular song of hers that you like? I love the song “You Know I’m No Good.” It’s so catchy, and I feel her voice in that song. The vocals are just absolutely amazing. So I feel whenever I listen to that, I just get pumped up. She was very authentic. I feel like a lot of people in that day and age weren’t dressing like that, and it’s really cool that she was pushing the envelope and wearing stuff that she thought was cool. She just did her own thing.

Do you have a dream job? I’ve been thinking about doing something in the advertising side of fashion or being in fashion marketing or fashion advertising. I think it’s really cool to incorporate style into whatever field you’re going into.

dsc_4805Words and photos by Hannah Steinkopf-Frank, @HSteinkopfFrank

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