Finn and Clara

Names: Finn T. and Clara W.

Year: Freshmen

Major: Both undeclared

Hometown: Portland, Oregon


Both of their outfits are made up of mostly thrifted items. Finn wears Nike basketball shoes and a ’90s windbreaker from House of Vintage in Portland. Clara’s suede pants were bought from a thrift store in Amsterdam.

How do you know each other?

Finn: We met through a mutual friend who I grew up with.

Clara: She lives on my floor, and one night we just all hung out together.

How would you describe each other’s style?

Clara: I would describe Finn’s style as eclectic. It’s a bit of everything—snazzy sneakers, quirky vintage finds, button-downs, cat T-shirts—it all comes together really cohesively. He isn’t afraid of color and has some really unique pieces that make his outfits stand out.

Finn: Clara has a very bohemian-chic feeling about the way she dresses. She’s never boring.

What influences your style?

Finn: ’90s basketball culture definitely plays a role in my style. I draw a lot of inspiration from it, especially when I’m looking for new pieces.


His sweatshirt was sent to him from his grandparents and has a picture of their cat on it.

Are there any current trends that you like or dislike?

Finn: I like how sneaker culture is becoming mainstream in fashion, especially for how specific and niche it is. I also like ’90s nostalgia and retro themes in general and how they’ve been reappearing in stores. It’s almost like the things coming out are in reference to older styles in a new, modern way. It’s just creating a cycle upon itself.

Clara: I really like authentic vintage and secondhand pieces. I feel like a lot of clothing now is mass-produced to imitate older styles, and that’s kind of weird.

Finn: It’s definitely weird but at the same time makes it much more accessible for everyone to get their hands on, which can be good or bad depending on how you look at it.

What are you dressing up as for Halloween?

Finn: I’m going as Donnie Darko. I have a skeleton onesie and am just going to plan on looking upset the whole time to get into full character.

Clara: I’m going as Mrs. Robinson from “The Graduate.” I found a leopard print jacket, this bejeweled bra and a zebra print skirt that I’m going to wear.


Her black loafers are from House of Vintage.

What’s one important thing you try to remember in your everyday lives?

Clara: It’s really important to me to be aware of sustainability and how your consumerism affects the environment. I think if you have a distinct personal style instead of just following trends it helps because you can keep pieces for much longer.

Finn: I try to always have a continuous perspective. I think people easily get wrapped up doing or thinking about a problem. People forget that college classes and midterms aren’t your whole world and that it’s really healthy to just take a step back and disconnect to see those things really don’t matter as much as you think they do.

When do you feel like the best versions of yourselves?

Clara: I would say when I’m engaged in thought, whether it’s through conversation or writing. It’s important to be thinking about and engaging with the world and how you are connected to everything.

Finn: Writing music.


How did you get into writing music?

Finn: My brother and I have always been really into music since we were young. Our parents really supported us in music, which is nice because a lot of parents try to push their kids to go into sports. My brother and I have been in and out of the School of Rock in Portland, so it’s nice to have gone through it all with him. He has a different musical style than me, which is nice because we can influence and draw inspiration from each other while still preserving our own styles.

How would you describe your music?

Finn: I like to categorize my music as psychedelic. Creating music is a unique process and getting to a final result is good for my creative energy.

How do your style and music relate?

Finn: My music reflects more of my mentality and perception, whereas my style is more how I present both myself and my music to the world.


You can listen to Finn’s music on Soundcloud.

What do you want to accomplish before you graduate?

Clara: I definitely want to travel more. I just don’t know where yet.

Where have you traveled before?

Clara: I went to Amsterdam and Italy for my stepsister’s wedding. It’s actually a funny story because she was studying abroad as a student from UO in Italy, which is where she met her now husband.

Did traveling influence your style at all?

Clara: Amsterdam was an amazing mix of new and old to me. In many ways, it reminded me of things that people back home in Portland would wear, but there was a level of sophistication that you don’t normally see in the Northwest. It made me more willing to mix casual and dressy clothing and ignore the “right” things to put together and just have more fun. A healthy mix of tailored and grungy is something I have been playing around with a lot since my trip. For Italy, it was the colors. The red of brick buildings and wine, the golden fields, the gothic black and white marble: it’s definitely a color palette I have been drawn to since my trip.


Words and Photos by Brooke Harman, @brooke_harman

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