Name: Maia L.

Year: Freshman

Major: Journalism and Physics

Hometown: Portland, Oregon 


Maia weathers the rain in a Michael Kors jacket with gold detailing. Her dress is from H&M, and her hat is from Forever 21. 

Why do you want to study journalism and physics? I want to do journalism because I’ve always loved writing. I wanted to go into creative writing for a little bit, but then I decided that I really wanted to do something with science as well. So I want to become a science journalist. I really like how secure [science] is. It’s based in something really solid. I feel like I can ground myself in it.

If you could have the closet of any fictional character, who would that be and why? Amélie. I would want her wardrobe. The kind of simplistic but kind of edgy clothes that she wears…I just like simplicity but adding unique aspects to it.


Her lace-up heeled shoes from Payless are perfect for avoiding wet feet.

What inspires you to dress the way you do? I like expressing my individuality through the way that I dress. It’s kind of an artistic expression…I always put together my outfits and pick out my matching lipstick.

What’s the story behind the lipstick? I just got this new dress, and I fell in love with it, and I thought it would be really cute to do this black dress with a pop of color. So I pulled out my striped tights, and I found the yellow in it. I thought that I could accent the yellow in the tights with my yellow lipstick that I just so happened to have! I’m a huge collector of crazy lipstick colors. I have green, I have blue, purple, bright hot pink, orange. I have black. I have all kinds of stuff. I usually don’t wear that much other makeup, but I have a lot of crazy lipstick colors.


Maia’s bright yellow lipstick provides a unique pop of bright color that ties her entire outfit together.

Who are you inspired by? A huge style icon of mine is Sherri Dupree-Bemis. She’s a musician (singer and guitarist for the band Eisley). I fell in love with her style when I first saw it. I felt it expressed my personality as well. It’s an awesome blend of retro and punk. You guys actually caught me on an off day from wearing dresses with Converse. Seeing her style was a huge inspiration for me to flesh out a similar yet personalized style of my own. I still credit her as the lynchpin of me discovering my own authentic style.

How do you think growing up in Portland impacts the way you dress? Portland is known for being a really liberal and open-minded city…it was very easy to foster a sense of individuality. It was very welcoming to any kind of fashion style.

Have you found that to be different or the same here at the U of O? It’s different here than it was in the city…but there is still the same sense of welcoming here. There is a sense of community…people are not singled out or anything, and people are encouraged to be individuals. People are encouraged to pursue what they want to at this university.


Words and photos by Taylor Griggs, @taylorjgriggs

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