Name: Billy K.

Year: Junior

Major: English

Hometown: Central Point, Oregon


How would you describe your fashion sense? It’s eclectic and as cheap as possible.

Who or what inspires how you dress? I inherited a lot of my grandpa’s clothes, so I’m still working off a lot of those. Also, my dad had a pretty cool look in the ’70s. Sometimes I go off of that.

Can you give a step-by-step guide for how you pick out an outfit each day? I pick out a lot of my clothes based on a combo of films, music and people I’m inspired by each day. It’s important to me for all my clothes to be a subtle reference to something that influenced me somehow. Like right now, I’m wearing my mom’s old “Seinfeld” shirt from the ’90s with my dad’s old hat that reminds me of him. I’m also wearing a bright blue ’80s workout jacket that reminds me of Richard Simmons, as well as some grey workout sweats that make me feel triumphant like Rocky.


Which films influence the way you dress? “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” “Do the Right Thing,” “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” and “Samurai Champloo.”

What does fashion mean to you? I see fashion as a possibility for subtle, secret artistic expression. For example, it gives me a lot of comfort that I’m the only one in the world who knows that the outfit I’m wearing right now has as much meaning to me as it does. But whenever someone picks up on a reference that exists somewhere in my clothes, it feels really special to me. Having subtle references like these in my clothes are a really good icebreaker. When someone is like, “Hey, nice Richard Simmons workout gear,” that’s likely a person I want to be friends with.

What one song describes your style and demeanor? “Unwritten” by Natasha Bedingfield.

Do you have a style icon that you look up to? My dad, my grandpa, Spike Lee and David Bowie.

Where do you normally shop? Goodwill, St. Vincent de Paul and off the ground.


What other hobbies do you enjoy that let you express yourself? Graphic design, acting, directing and DJing.

Do you see your style changing after college? If so, what do you want your wardrobe to look like? I hope my style doesn’t change that much after college. Hopefully, I’ll have a job where I can dress however I want.

Do you have any clothing goals right now? Really, I’d like to keep finding ways to get more creative. Specifically, I’d like to get some red Adidas track pants, like from “The Royal Tenenbaums.” Also, I want the shirt that Rob Thomas wear in the “Smooth” music video.

What’s your favorite thing about the way you dress? I like that my clothes mean something.

What part of your personality comes through in your outfits? My roommate said that my outfits show my carefree nature.

If you had a fashion brand, what would you call it and what would it look like? I actually have a fashion brand! It’s called Equalitees. I make typographic portraits of transformational leaders and screen print them on t-shirts.

2224262723.png25.pngWords and photos by Miranda Sarah Einy, @mirandwa


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