Dressed Up Ducks does Halloween

While we at Dressed Up Ducks don’t think you need a holiday to get fancy, we love seeing our fellow students dressed to the nines for Halloween. Clothes are a medium to try out new personalities and characters, and this is particularily true for Halloween. We talked to University of Oregon students and faculty about their costumes and what they love about dressing up.

Name: Sarah D.

Year: Junior

Major: Anthropology

Costume: Flapper


Why did you decide to dress up as a flapper? It just looks fun, basically. They look like a fun group.

Are you inspired by their attitude or fashion? Yeah largely, I would say attitude. It’s sort of a reckless abandon kind of thing.

Is it different from how you usually dress? Pretty different. I’ve been doing a little more of the romantic style with my wardrobe and hair and stuff lately, but this is way further back than anything I’ve done before.


What do you like about that era? I like their voices the most, actually. I think it’s called the Mid-Atlantic accent. It’s sort of the classic, sharp accent you’d hear in The Great Gatsby.

How does makeup fit into your look? So this is the boldest lip I’ve ever done. And you have to draw a little bit of a Cupid’s bow on top and a half lip on the bottom, and it makes me really self-conscious. And then dramatic eyes. But one thing that I learned was that they wore a lot more colors than we sort of expect because you only see them in black and white. But while I was researching, it turns out they really have colorful faces. I went less for the glamor. Less for the sequins and dancers and stuff like that and more for the women walking down the street.

When they’re not at the club. Exactly.

Have you seen the ’20s style popping up in mainstream fashion recently? Part of the reason I chose it is because there is a lot of this that I can reincorporate. I’m not buying this just to never wear it again. I can wear this hat. I can wear the coat. I can wear all of this with different outfits.


Name: Dave V.

Job: Operations Coordinator for the University of Oregon Outdoor Program

Costume: Darth Vader


Why is the Outdoor Program important to you? I believe in the outdoors. I believe in connecting students to the out of doors to reconnect with nature, to not be so associated with these devices. To be empowered. To be connected with the outdoors. I like to support the students who are supporting the divestment of the University of Oregon in supporting a transition from fossil fuels. I like to connect students on those levels.

How did you pick your costume? Well my family. My wife is R2-D2. My daughter is Rey. My son is a stormtrooper. So we thought it was appropriate, and they said, “Dad you should be Darth Vader.” So here I am.

Rey has been portrayed as a new feminist icon. Is it inspiring to have your daughter dress up as her? Absolutely. My daughter is 10 years old, and she’s an amazing athlete. I do my best to raise her in a culture and in a community where she can do anything. Not just because she picked the costume, but I do believe in that. And I do believe in strong roles in the media. I do hope that next week we do elect the first female president of our country as well. So I want her to see those things. But yes growing up and watching “Star Wars” and not seeing those connections and actually with this character being played by a white man on the inside with a black man’s voice, there are reasons why I chose this costume as well.


Name: Rachel V.

Year: Sophomore

Major: Political Science

Costume: Morticia Addams from “The Addams Family”


Are you a big “Addams Family” fan? Yeah. It’s like my favorite Halloween-time movie. I like that all the characters are really quirky. But it’s not presented in a bad way. It’s just really fun.

Why did you pick Morticia to dress up as? I feel she’s really iconic. Out of all the characters, she’s the most elegant and graceful. I’m trying to be very graceful. As long as I don’t slip and fall, I’ll be doing okay.

Has anyone guessed who you are? I haven’t had anyone guess, but once I tell them, they’re like “Oh” and they immediately see it, but usually not right off the bat.


Did you feel like her when you put the dress  it on? Yeah I was a little worried because I ordered it online. I wasn’t sure if it would fit me. But I put it on, and I thought “It works.”

Is this like your usual style or is it pretty different? It depends on if I would put a lot of energy into my style. But not usually.

Do you have any special Halloween memories? I remember someone who lived on my drive who would always bake us little mini pies for Halloween. That was always really fun. And we would always dress up as a family. One time, we dressed up as the Scooby-Doo gang. I was Daphne. I think my brother was Fred. And we had a dog who was Scooby-Doo, but he was a St. Bernard, not a Great Dane. But it was close enough.


Name: Bear Hug

Major: Business with a nonprofit focus

Minor: Music

Year: Sophomore

Costume: Pirate


What do you like about pirates? Just that they’re fun, and they live life to the fullest.

Do you feel you’re adopting the personality as well? I suppose. The adventurous, fun parts.

What do you like about Halloween? That it enables people to dress the way they would love to normally and just have fun with it rather than fitting into society’s box.

And for you that’s a pirate? And for me, it’s whatever.

Did you grow out your beard particularily for this costume? I have it regularly.


Where there any pirates growing up who were particularily influential for you? Oh man. Just like Black Beard and all the movie lore of pirates, adventures on the high seas.

Is it the adventure that appeals to you? Definitely. I love traveling and seeing the world that’s out there.

Have you gotten any interesting reactions to your costume? Lots. Just giving love and happiness like, “Oh my god that’s amazing.”

Does that feel good to you? Yeah I love making people’s days. It’s half the reason why I live: to make people’s days better.


Name: Kathryn G.

Year: Sophomore

Major: Political Science

Costume: Louise Belcher


Are you a big “Bob’s Burgers” fan? Yeah. Of course. I think it’s hilarious. I think that there aren’t a lot of shows that have adult humor that aren’t also just really offensive. I think “Bob’s Burgers” does a really good job of having adult humor while also just being not terrible.

Why Louise Belcher in particular? I think she’s my favorite on the show, and most people are Tina Belcher, so I wanted to do something that was different. Louise is just my sense of humor.

Do you have the rest of the crew with you? No. My boyfriend is being the Pip-Boy from Fallout 4 because we both went in costume so we could come onto campus and not just be totally alone wearing costumes.

Have you gotten any interesting responses? I’m just coming from a midterm right now. My professor gave me a point of extra credit because I was wearing a costume.

What’s your favorite Halloween memory? I do have a good memory of when my brother and I were little kids, when I was really young, he would make up really unfair candy trades. So he would say, “Oh this is really good. I’ll give you one of this candy for five of yours.” And I would always give them to him. It happened for like three years, and he would just get grounded every year.

What was your favorite candy? My favorite candy was Reese’s. Always.

dsc_5213Words and photos by Hannah Steinkopf-Frank, @HSteinkopfFrank

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