Name: Owen P.

Year: Sophomore

Major: Human Physiology

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois


Owen is wearing a Levi’s denim jacket with torn up khakis and a pair of Sandlot edition PF Flyers.

How would you describe your everyday style? I think my style is a combination of some urban streetwear and West Coast hippie wear. Like this denim jacket and the all-black PF Flyers provide an urban look, but the patterned hoodie underneath gives off a hippie vibe. I try to combine the two to get opposing styles to work in harmony.

Do you pay attention to other people’s styles, and if so, what do you look for? Oh yeah of course! I’m always walking around eyeing what other people are wearing, I’ll stop people sometimes to tell them that they have a nice fit going. Like for example, I was on an elevator the other day, and a student walks in wearing these killer Vans high tops that were black but had this metallic sparkle to them. I always try to compliment a dope style when I see it. I also really dig the skater look. Beanies with hoodies and rolled up jeans with Vans are really rad. I know it’s basic, but I can’t help but notice how good it looks.


Skull buttons, skull T-shirt and skull socks to match. It’s all in the details. The Mickey Mouse pin is a nice touch, too.

What’s your main inspiration? Death. I’m really into the human body, hence being a human physiology major. I can’t help but let that pour over into my style. Skeletons and human structure have always been interesting to me, so why not rep that in my clothes?

Is there one piece in your wardrobe that you are particularly attached to? It’s the jean jacket. My mom has had a denim jacket since I can remember, and I always loved it. I went out shopping right before freshman year of college and knew I had to get the jacket. I also got a pair of these sweet gold frame, blue lensed, John Lennon-looking Ray Bans that to this day I love. Oh, and I have this military green field jacket as well. It’s really worn and has a ton of patches of stuff I like. It’s definitely my other favorite piece.

img_0250Has your style changed since coming into college?  Oh yeah. I think it has. I cared much more about what people thought about my outfits and style in high school. It became a little superficial, but that’s how high school was I guess. I’ve tried to stop letting other’s opinions dictate how I want to dress. It’s pretty liberating.

If you had to wear one outfit every day, what would it be? I like simple. I’d wear a basic graphic tee probably with skulls on it with the jean jacket. Any pants are good and some low-key sneakers would work just fine for me.


Are there fashion trends that you love or that you hate? I’m not one to hate on other’s fashion choices. Oh wait, but maybe top knots. Yeah those things are a little much for me, with the side undercut and long on top. I dunno if I can get behind that, but I wouldn’t shame someone for having one, ya know? They’re just not my thing. I’m really into the fact that guys can be more liberal with growing their hair out, or maybe that’s just college. Nonetheless, I really can get behind femininity in male fashion. I want to start trying gender-bending some of the rules. Wearing long tops and no pants but still having some signature details that define me.

Are there any styling rules you follow? I mean, not really. I dress for myself, ya know? I’m not really trying to dress for anyone in particular. Yeah for certain events I’ll dress appropriately of course, like an interview or something professional, but on the day-to-day, I just wear what will make me feel confident in myself.



Words and photos by Jake Perris.



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