Name: Emma S.

Year: Sophomore

Major: Architecture

Hometown: Portland, Oregon


Emma  wears overalls from Nordstrom and a turtleneck with cutout shoulders from Goodwill.

Why did you decide to study architecture? It’s always been kind of in the back of my mind. It’s always been something I’m in to.

How would you describe your design style? Honestly, I’m so early in the game that I don’t even think I have a style yet.

Are there architects you’re inspired by? Yeah actually. I just studied this house by Paul Rudolph in New York that I think is pretty cool. It’s called the Halston Townhouse. It just had a really cool interior space. He collaborated with Halston, and he’s a cool designer too. So it’s just a really artistic space. I like it a lot.

How would you describe your personal style? I used to wear all black, and now I just have a ton of black left over. When you wear it, you just feel really cool, like you’re a secret agent or something.

How do you put together an all-black outfit? It helps that all of my clothes have been washed at different rates, so some are more faded than others. You’ve got that nice several tone thing.


She found her Dr. Martens boots on Craigslist.

Who are some of your style inspirations? I wouldn’t say there’s any specific fashion designers or models who I’m inspired by. I just think all my friends have really cool styles, and I like to see what they’re wearing.

Are there any things your friends have been wearing recently that you’ve been inspired by? One of my friends has been wearing a lot of earth tones, and I think it looks cool. I’ve started to do that a little bit.

How do you see yourself dressing in 10 years? I think in the future, I want to wear a lot more skirts, and the trench coat style is really cool. I think I’ll probably incorporate that kind of sleek look in the future.

What do you like about your current style? It’s fun to kind of mix and match. I didn’t bring all my clothes from home, so it’s kind of cool to see what you have here and work with it.

Do you think you fit in with the Eugene style? I try to stand out more, but I think a lot of people have their own cool, individual style. I just try every time I make an outfit, try to make some different combination than I did last time.


What was the idea behind today’s look? I was really feeling the shoulderless turtleneck today, so I had to come up with a good ensemble to go around it.

Do you see the rain as an inspiration or a hinderance to your fashion? Usually a hinderance because all of my good coats don’t have hoods, so I kind of have to work around that.

Are there any pieces in your wardrobe that have particular value for you? Yeah I usually try to keep clothes as long as I can because I’m pretty cheap. If I get tired of a shirt or pants or something, I’ll just cut them into something new so I can keep wearing it.

What’s your favorite season for dressing in Oregon? I would say the fall when it’s not raining. I like how you can work with layers a little more, which is cool.


She made her heart necklace. 

What trend are you excited to try? I actually really want to get a pair of fingerless leather gloves. I’m not a biker. I don’t know what I’d use them for, but I think they look pretty sick.

Do you have any inspirations from film or music? I’m actually a really big John Hughes fan. I was just watching “Pretty in Pink” last night.

If you could have the wardrobe of any cartoon character, who would it be? It might not show, but I freaking love the style of “Lizzie McGuire.” I’d totally have their wardrobe and their styles. They’re fashion icons.

What role does fashion play in your life? I think it’s just a fun way to stand out or make your own presence without having to verbally make a presence, which I like. I guess because I’m a little bit quiet.


Words by Hannah Steinkopf-Frank, @HSteinkopfFrank

Photos by Taylor Griggs, @taylorjgriggs

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