Name: Annika M.

Hometown: Portland, Oregon

Year: Freshman

Major: Sociology


Annika layers a gray shirt from Urban Outfitters with a stripped shirt from T.J.Maxx and a green anorak jacket from Plato’s Closet. 

What is your major and what do you see yourself doing with that in the future? I was pre-family human services, but I am very indecisive and switched my fourth week into college to sociology. So I’m starting that next term. My end goal is to get into criminal justice systems, so I might double major in sociology and psychology and then get my master’s in criminal justice. I really want to work with jails to make them more of a rehabilitating place opposed to a more punishing place. I thought I was going to be a counselor, but then I realized that’s a lot of dealing with other people’s issues, and that could be really stressful.littledipperandring_

Do you find yourself wearing a lot of colors or more neutral tones? Very neutral. Clothing wise, I own nothing other than neutrals. Green, maybe maroon, but that’s about it for colors. Other than that, it’s gray, black and white.

 Are winter and fall your favorite seasons then? Definitely. I hate summer. I hate the heat! I just hate the lack of clothes. I like being able to wear as many items as possible. Today, I have on more layers than normal, but I just like how the tank top falls a little longer with the shirt over it, since it’s sort of an awkward length for a shirt.  ring_

Where do you normally buy your clothes? The sale rack at Nordstrom and Urban Outfitters. I do not pay full price at either because I’m a broke college student. Also, probably Plato’s Closet and Buffalo Exchange. So those are all the main places I get my clothes from, but sometimes, I can get away with finding cute stuff at a thrift store that’s not as high-end, like Goodwill, but you really have to hunt in those.  

What kind of music do you typically listen to? I like partial EDM, partial folk/indie, partial like really trashy frat basement music, but I honestly like anything. I hate country, and classical music kind of stresses me out.

Have you lived in Portland your whole life? Yeah, but I moved to England when I was younger with my mom for a year, but besides that, I have lived right outside of Portland my entire life.


Her shoes are also from T.J.Maxx.

Did living in England impact your style at all? Well not really, but that’s because I was in third grade, so I didn’t really have much of a fashion sense. I was basically dressed in rags, but I do remember that before Topshop came here, it was over in England, and my Mom got a lot of things from that store. She has a really cute sense of style and would take me to all of the British shops. From what I remember, I liked their clothing a lot more than I liked American clothing.

Would you say that your mom influences your style at all? Not really. She dresses like a hippie and is very into flowy, patterned pants. She just has an odd sense of style, and I think it’s very motherly, so she doesn’t really influence me. If anything, I influence her because the clothes I have at home she will wear and then send me pictures of what she is wearing, which I think is really cute. I like to style her too. It’s fun. She’s very stuck in the motherly outfits, so whenever she comes to one of my events, I will be like, “oh you should wear this” and help dress her.

 Do you normally go shopping with your mom or with friends? I never go clothes shopping with her. I actually hate shopping with people. I love shopping by myself because it’s just a lot to worry about if friends want to leave or which store they want to go into. When I go home for break, I am so excited to take my car, drive to the mall by myself, shop and not have anyone else around. It’s honestly such a stress reliever. I worked at a coffee shop about a mile from our big mall at home, and every day, if I got off early, I would go to the mall and just sort of wander. I didn’t even buy things most of the time, but it’s nice to go and see what’s up.


Why did you decide to get your tattoos? The longitude and latitude tattoo on my arm is for Timothy Lake on Mt. Hood, which is closest to Portland. There are a ton of lakes out there that we would go to during the summer, so the tattoo is of a general latitude and longitude of Timothy Lake. It’s like my little piece of home. For the pine trees, I have three of them for my mom, my dad and my brother just to represent family. I have also always always loved Oregon and love Oregon, so it’s like a piece of Oregon and a piece of my family. The flowers on the back of my elbow are sort of a tribute to my dad because he has always been really into gardening and landscaping. Plus, I just really like flowers. I think they are really pretty, and I just like the way it sits on the back of my arm. Then the one on my back says “veni, vivi, amavi” which means, “we came, we saw, we loved.” I got it as just a little reminder to spread love around, to be a nice person, especially since I can get bitter sometimes.

Do you ever want to study abroad? Yes. I am dead set on studying abroad in southeast Asia. My mom lived in Thailand for a couple of years, and she talks very highly of it. Also, the culture in India and Thailand or really anywhere in southeast Asia really fascinates me. It’s so different. I wouldn’t want to go somewhere like England because it is very “Americanized.” I want to experience that culture shock.

headshot_ Words and photos by Alex Jacobsen,@al_jacobsen  

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