Name: Shiloh G. F.

Majors: International Business and French

Year: Senior

Hometown: Beaverton, Oregon


Shiloh wears a dress from Pull & Bear and boots from New Look (both brands in Europe) with leggings, a choker and a shawl, all from Forever 21. 

What inspires your personal style? My personal style is a reflection of both my mood and my personality. When I wake up and feel ready to carpe diem, I’ll wear a dress or a cute top, mini skirt, some tights and pair them with booties. I’m also all about the accessories. I love a good necklace or pair of earrings. On the other side, when I’m just feeling lazy or rushed, I’ll throw on some jeans, a sweater or a graphic tee with some sneaks. However, I swear I would dress much better if I had money…


Who are some of your style icons? My style icons are mostly Instagram fashion bloggers, like @amrezy, @desiperkins, @sincerelyjules and @leylamilani.


img_8612How has traveling and being exposed to new cultures impacted the way you dress? Traveling has definitely had an impact on the way I dress for many reasons, one being the fact that I try to avoid the touristy looks as much as possible when visiting someplace new. To avoid this, I usually read about a country’s culture before visiting, so I am sure to avoid anything that might be seen as offensive, and sometimes that can include the way one is dressed. I also like to observe what people in that place are wearing, and sometimes, I get pressured into buying a staple piece to fit in. For example, when I was studying abroad in Lyon, France, I wore a backpack and a sweater that said France on it to class. I received so many odd stares – mostly from women – because most of the female students were carrying trendy purses and totes. They also wore a lot of cute moto jackets. Right after, I felt a certain element of pressure and the need to fit in, so I went and bought a cute leather jacket from Zara and a big leather satchel to carry all my schoolwork in.

img_8615While these purchases were made revolving around the idea of fitting in, I learned how fashion can be much more valued in other places. In the U.S., we don’t really feel the need to put so much effort or money in to keeping up our appearances. To each their own, but we also don’t place such a high value on fashion. Traveling has had a lasting impact on my personal style. Now, when I purchase fashion pieces, I find myself asking, “Would I wear this elsewhere? Would this be something I would want to throw in my suitcase?” This has been helpful as it has added an additional value to shopping and has really avoided many impulse purchases.


Words and photos by Kendra Siebert, @kendraesiebert

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