Marian F. B.

Major: Journalism

Year: Freshman

Hometown: Tijuana, Mexico


“I’m from Mexico – to be exact, Tijuana, Mexico – which is on the border near San Diego, so I’ve lived on the border my whole life. Starting when I was young, I went to a bilingual school, but my freshman year of high school I decided that what I wanted to do with my life was write. I knew that I’d like to eventually have my own magazine published in English, which made me realize maybe Mexico wasn’t the best place for me.”


“I talked to my mom about how I was feeling and luckily I was in a position where I was able to move in with my uncle and his family who lived in Beaverton, Oregon. The main goal of moving was to finish high school here, improve my English and gain Oregon residency so I could come to the University of Oregon to major in journalism.”

img_1003img_1000On her wall, Marian has a signed poster from Tavi Gavinson from when she met her in Portland last year.

“Tavi Gevinson is a really big inspiration for me. I met her a year ago when she was in Portland. Ever since I started reading Rookie, which was a long time ago, I researched her and knew that I wanted to do something similar with my life. She does everything – she acts, she sings, she writes. I just love her. I look up to her a lot because she started so young. It’s nice to have that reminder.”

A majority of the photos on Marian’s wall are either from concerts she’s attended or of her friends.

“Obviously it’s been hard not living with my parents, but they’re super supportive. I’ve never flown home, but they make sure that when I feel ‘useless’ or am having an existential crisis, my mom will remind me that I always have my home with her. She always reminds me that what I am doing is adding adventure to my life.”

Many of the photos on her wall were taken on a film camera.

“Even though I don’t do a lot of physical art like painting or drawing, I present myself artistically. I really appreciate art. I just started to realize how proud I am of my roots and being Mexican when I moved to the U.S. I have a few things in my room, as well as my wardrobe, that remind me of Mexico.”

Marian features works of Van Gogh and a portrait of Picasso on her wall.

“I’ve been into photography since around the age of 14. I like experimenting with different ways to capture life and recently just made a website.”

“You know the saying ‘don’t judge a book by it’s cover?’ I definitely do – especially with albums.”

“I get my posters from several places! They’re all mostly from concerts I attend. Some I take down from the streets and others I get from magazines. I get my postcards from all over – the places I travel or stores I visit. And the pictures are just pictures I take with my film camera.”


“I don’t think that home is a place necessarily. I think it’s where you feel you’re most comfortable. I think I have many homes, my dorm room here being one of them. It’s where you find your support system and is a place where you know you can always come back to.”

IMG_1038.jpgFollow Marian on Instagram @marianf13 and visit her website

Photographed by Brooke Harman, @brooke_harman

Hannah N.

Major: Journalism

Year: Freshman

Hometown: Newport, California


“I couldn’t have been more excited to go off to college and design my own room. Sure, my room at home is cool, but I wanted a change. My room back in Newport Beach didn’t feel like a home. I’ve set up my dorm room in a way that makes me not only feel at home, but my guests as well.”


“I took inspiration from Urban Outfitters and Space 15 Twenty. Most, if not a majority, of the things in my room – the rugs, bedspread, lights, blankets, pillows, decor, etc. – are actually from Urban Outfitters. I chose a super relaxed vibe to my room in order to create a relaxing, homey, comfortable space to study and hang out in.”

Hannah loves playing video games such as Overwatch and Fallout in her dorm room.

“I chose to get a single because I’ve always felt super independent and wanted a space to call my own. I’m very happy with my decision because my friends love coming over and playing video games on my Xbox One S, playing guitar and singing, or watching movies on my couch.”

3815On Hannah’s couch sits a RipNDip Lord Nermal pillow, as well as a companion cube plush from the video game, Portal. 

“The couch was another awesome choice I made to outfit my room. I did not want to loft my bed at all because I would much rather not have to climb up the side. Yet, I really wanted a couch and didn’t have enough room for both. I decided to bite the bullet and just loft my bed to put a super comfy couch underneath and I’m so happy that I did.”


“I only use my bed when sleeping, which I feel is healthier because I don’t spend all day lying in bed and once I have to climb down, I’m awake and ready to start my day.”


“I was so excited to design my room that I started all the way in March. Over the months leading up to college, I would just accumulate objects here and there. I knew I had planned way too far in advance, but I didn’t care. I was just so excited. I’m grateful for my parents who helped me turn this dream room into a reality. I am so comfortable and happy in my space, I almost don’t want to move out at the end of the year! Yet, I can’t wait to design my apartment next year.”

20Follow Hannah on Instagram @hannimalneill and visit her website.

Photographed by Miranda Sarah Einy, @mirandwa

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